How to Unblock Hulu Outside the US & Most Popular Content on Hulu

How To Unblock Hulu Internationally - Best VPN Hulu

Popular Content on Hulu

There’s plenty to celebrate about Hulu (in fact, we’ve previously done it ourselves). For those of us who have cut the cord on our pricey cable package, the streaming service beats Netflix Instant by providing current shows the morning after their original air times.

Hulu Helps Cut the Cord

But there’s more to Hulu than the opportunity to catch last night’s Saturday Night Live, or Brooklyn Nine-Nine. They have a movie selection that includes hundreds of Criterion Collection movies, perfect for helping aspiring film buffs fill in the gaps of their cinema knowledge.

Let’s not forget to mention their backlog of long-finished TV shows that live on in their libraries. Whether ’90s sitcom lovers prefer the erudite charms of Frasier or the silly slapstick of 3rd Rock From the Sun, Hulu has got you covered. They even revived the cult anime series, Sailor Moon, a few months ago. And we haven’t even got to their terrific originals (but we will below).

Put another way, there’s no shortage of material for streaming media fans of all stripes. No matter your taste, Hulu has plenty for you.

How to Watch Hulu Outside of the US

Best VPN Hulu Plus - Unblock Hulu Plus from Outside the US

Best VPN Providers

Unfortunately, as it stands now, Hulu is not available outside of the USA and Japan. But don’t fret, would-be streamers around the world; there are simple ways to avoid that problem. The simplest method for unblocking Hulu and watching Hulu internationally is VPN.

Using a VPN Service to Unblock Hulu

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) service is just what it sounds. It is a subscription-based service that acts as a virtual tunnel that transports all of your information through secure servers across the globe when you sign in.

The first of which is to protect your wireless network and all of your sensitive materials (e-mails, credit card numbers, etc.) with an extra level of high-grade encryption on your device. Ideal for use in WiFi hotspots in public places like cafes, hotels and airports.

The second purpose, for international Hulu fans and travellers, is to allow users to unblock geographically restricted material all over the web. Using a VPN, those secure servers give your device an alternate IP address to your place of choice at a click of a button.

This effectively tricks your computer into thinking that it’s somewhere that it’s not. So if you want your computer to think it’s in America (where you can stream Hulu freely), just log in to your VPN and pick a US-server. You’ll be watching last night’s The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon before you know it.

Top VPNs to Unblock Hulu

Recently, Hulu has attempted to block VPN services over what they claim as “piracy concerns” by blocking known VPN addresses. But vigilant providers that are proactive are constantly cycling addresses staying ahead of the curve.

That is why it is important to choose a provider with a varied amount of servers for when Hulu targets one area or one with a large pool of addresses. Here are a few providers that we have tested without issue for using Hulu. Just about every VPN service on our supported provider list offers US-based IP addresses, but we particularly recommend checking out

It is also ideal to pick a provider that offers fast server that will allow for the fastest HD streaming on your Roku, AppleTV, PS4 or SmartTV wherever you are in the world, whether you are travelling or an US expat, in the military or relocating for work.

How to Unblock Hulu Outside the US on Any Device – Roku Internationally With a FlashRouter

At FlashRouters, we take great routers and enhance them, improve their functionality, speed, and versatility. By flashing every router we have with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, we make sure every customer of ours receives a dynamic, powerful machine that allows them to extend their wireless range, watch and divide their bandwidth, and even access advanced security options.

As the video above demonstrates, if you want to get the most out of your Hulu Plus streaming experience, as well as your VPN experience, you’re going to need a FlashRouter.

Better yet, users who subscribe to a VPN service on supported provider list can order a router that arrives ready to work with your VPN right out of the box! No futzing around with a tricky VPN installation process on our watch. Hold on to your old router and use our popular dual-router setup, enabling you to switch between your local network and your VPN with ease.

We’d hate to pick favorites to recommend, so you can always head over to our most recent best-sellers list and see if something suits you (or our best and most popular DD-WRT routers of 2014 list).

Oh, what the heck. Here’s a few of our top choices:

Top Original Hulu Plus Shows To Watch

Watch Moone Boy on Hulu Plus

Moone Boy: Only on Hulu Plus

Moone Boy – If you can’t get enough of the lately omnipresent Chris O’Dowd, then Moone Boy is the perfect Hulu Plus original for you. O’Dowd co-stars as the imaginary friend of a lonely kid in 1989 Ireland, and their relationship creates the heart of this warm and witty show.

The Awesomes – Though Hulu Plus offers plenty reruns of Saturday Night Live as well as episodes of Late Night With Seth Meyers the morning after they air, you can still get even more Seth Meyers in your streaming diet. The Awesomes, co-created by Meyers and Mike Shoemaker, follows a group of second-rate superheroes as they work together to stop a supervillain. Unsurprisingly, the show features first-rate voice work from lots of talented comedic actors in Meyers orbit (Bill Hader, Rachel Dratch, Taran Killem, Rashida Jones).

Misfits – When a freak electrical storm hits their town, strange things begin to happen to 5 teenagers and they soon realize they’ve turned into superheroes. Each of them possess a power they didn’t choose or want, a power which reveals each of their deepest, darkest insecurities.

Doozers – If cutting the cord on your cable package seemingly left you without much programming for your child to enjoy, don’t worry: Hulu Plus offers you Doozers. And if you’re worried you’ll have to suffer through an annoying kids show, you should know that Doozers is the long-awaited spin-off from Jim Henson’s beloved Fraggle Rock.

Deadbeat  – Here’s one for the late night cult crowd. Deadbeat, about a stoner who makes his money as a medium for ghosts, is a great showcase for star, Tyler Labine, who some of you might recognize from the underrated Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil.

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    Sorry to disagree Daniel Kirschenbaum, I live in Panama and recently got a flashrouter with Safer VPN service and I wasn’t able to totally unblock Hulu Plus. Each time Hulu track my vpn it blocks it. that is why I cancel my Hulu suscription.


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