How Do I Watch Amazon Instant, Hulu, and Netflix US in Ecuador?

How To Watch Netflix Instant, Amazon Prime for Expats in Ecuadro

Streaming Movies & TV in Ecuador

Moving to Ecuador? Traveling for business or pleasure? Beyond all the standard needs of travelling or moving internationally, it is important to remember what you might truly miss when leaving home, namely your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crackle and even music from Pandora or Spotify.

Each of these services have different rights in different countries that are based on local tastes and desires. So even though you may love Ecuadorian food, you may not be ready full immersion into only South America dubbed movies and telenovelas. So for any expat headed or just arriving in Ecuador, the solution to unlocking restricted content from anywhere in the world in your new home is right on this page!

Will Netflix Instant Work in Ecuador?

Netflix Instant’s expansion outside of the US has been slow and methodical, but South America was among the first continents to benefit when Netflix decided to expand beyond North America.

But even if you’re in a country with Netflix Instant, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be happy with your queue when you see it. As anyone who has traveled outside of the country and tried to use their Netflix queue has noticed, what’s available to stream radically changes from country to country.

So if you happen to find yourselves in Quito on vacation, trying to unwind with your Netflix queue en la noche, you may find yourselves frustrated by more regionally specific programming. There’s an easy way around it though, and it’s called a VPN.

Watch US TV on Netflix Instant in Ecuador with a VPN

Best VPN Service Providers

FlashRouter-Ready VPNs

A Virtual Private Network service (or VPN) is a subscription-based service that serves a pair of important purposes. Firstly, VPNs keep you protected from the many malevolent forces that crop up from seemingly everywhere and are suddenly interested in your e-mails and credit card information, be they snooping governments, hackers, or online scammers.

This is accomplished by tunneling all of your online activity through secure encrypted servers set up all over the world when you log into your VPN.

This same process that encrypts your online activities also frees you up to explore a more open internet!

When you log into your VPN, you get to choose a new IP address from your encrypted server located somewhere around the globe. This is an opportunity to allow your web-ready device to use the Internet from any country of your choosing.

So if you’re in, say, Ecuador, log into your VPN, choose an American-based IP address, and voila! Your device thinks you’re in America so you can access US Netflix (or Hulu Plus, HBO GO, WatchESPN anything you want) whenever you please!

Some of the most consistent connections & fastest VPN speeds for US-based IP address from Ecuador include IPVanish, NordVPN, and PrivateInternetAccess. Looking for more great router-supported VPN services? The handy DD-WRT & Tomato supported VPN service provider list is prepped and ready to assist.

Unlock US Netflix Instant in Ecuador with a Roku/AppleTV

The limitation of a standard VPN service is where you can use it and having to set it up on each device individually. Some devices like Roku 3, AppleTV, XboxOne, Playstation 3, SmartTVs/Blu-Ray players or Google Chromecast do not even integrate a VPN setup options and definitely none for the preferred protocol OpenVPN.

So in order to use a VPN with these popular streaming media devices for unlocking US content, you need to base the VPN connection the router. This offers two major advantages:

1. One setup and any device you connect will now use VPN. No more hassles or struggling. You will be browsing the web freely and streaming content privately in no time!

2. Hold onto your old router, and use it with your new FlashRouter with our popular dual router setup, which allows you to switch back and forth between one dedicated VPN and your normal, day-to-day network with complete and total ease.

Want to make sure you have the fastest and most fluid streaming video experience imaginable? You’ve got to go with a FlashRouter.

As the video above explains, a FlashRouter is the most certain way to revolutionize and future-proof your network. Using top-of-the-line networking devices, our process improves them further by replacing their stock firmware with DD-WRT and Tomato firmware.

These replacement open-source firmwares create a whole new world of possibilities to the user. With DD-WRT and Tomato, you can extend your wireless range, access advanced security options, remove security backdoor of default firmware, and even control how your bandwidth is allocated for max streaming video performance (something people streaming lots of Netflix Instant can certainly stand to take advantage of).

Best VPN Routers for Ecuador

Meet the Asus RT-AC56U DD-WRT FlashRouter

The Asus RT-AC56U DD-WRT FlashRouter

If you’re wondering which FlashRouter is right for you, we recommend checking out our recent bestsellers list, which features powerful devices from all over the price spectrum.

FlashRouters covers all spectrum with economy models (like the Linksys WRT1900 DD-WRT or the Asus RT-AC56U Tomato) and Wireless-AC behemoths (like the towering Netgear R7000 Nighthawk DD-WRT, or the Asus RT-AC66U Tomato), all of which are ready to turn your whole wireless network around.

We even have the Asus RT-AC56U DD-WRT FlashRouter VPN (pictured above) that offers you Wireless-AC speeds and powerful processing for max VPN connectivity at an unbelievably low price.

Each FlashRouter includes a complete setup guide tailored to your VPN provider and setup including troubleshooting tips, 3 months of direct support with our expert Netflix-loving team, and at least a 90 day warranty.

Better still, if you’re subscribed to any VPN on our official supported provider list, FlashRouters can create a plug-n-play setup to work with your VPN setup right out of the box! No need to fear installation processes with a FlashRouter on your side.

There’s simply no going wrong with a FlashRouter. Act now!

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