Perfect Privacy VPN DD-WRT & TomatoUSB Routers – Now Supported at FlashRouters

Perfect Privacy VPN Router

Perfect Privacy VPN Routers

Perfect Privacy has been a reliable VPN provider since 2008, offering servers in over 20 countries around the world, including Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong and other high traffic locations on the Internet. Perfect Privacy VPN follows a strict non-logging policy and offers unlimited connections and bandwidth up to 1000MBit/s.

Using Perfect Privacy, you can secure all your Internet connections through a safe VPN tunnel. A VPN tunnel not only disguises your IP address from outside sources but also makes sure that all of your Internet traffic is being encrypted and cannot be eavesdropped. With Perfect Privacy VPN, you can choose from over 30 VPN servers in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Benefits of Using Perfect Privacy VPN

Server Options for Perfect Privacy

Perfect Privacy VPN trusts in open-source software and develops its privacy solutions in-house without third parties. Among the notable features are:

  • No logging/log-files
  • Cascading of multiple VPN servers
  • Configurable port-forwarding
  • No traffic limit.
  • Up to 1000mbps bandwidth
  • Easy-to-use client software
  • Support via E-mail, Forum and TeamViewer

With a Perfect Privacy VPN router, you can avoid Internet censorship and use Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other streaming video services on nearly any device from any location. For easy setup and configuration detailed manuals and installations instructions are available. Should you still have any trouble with the installation or have any other questions, Perfect Privacy VPN provides support via Forum, email and TeamViewer.

Perfect Privacy VPN FlashRouters Now Available

Using a FlashRouter will allow you to get the most out of your Perfect Privacy VPN account. Any device connected to the FlashRouter would then be covered by VPN included devices you may have thought could not be use VPN. Devices like Roku, Apple TV, SmartTVs and the Google Chromecast do not have integrated VPN features. So the only way to get VPN on any device with one setup is to use a FlashRouter.


Perfect Privacy VPN Dual Router Setup -use Perfect Privacy with Streaming Players like Roku

Perfect Privacy VPN Dual Router Setup

FlashRouters offers routers flashed with DD-WRT and Tomato USB firmware that provide users with a slew of added options, including bandwidth monitoring, repeater capabilities, and OpenVPN/PPTP client integration. There is also the added benefit of the Dual Router Setup, where a DD-WRT or Tomato FlashRouter is used along the router you are currently using for your ISP connection. With this, you can keep your current setup while using a Perfect Privacy VPN FlashRouter to create a segmented VPN network.

Best Routers for Perfect Privacy VPN Use

One of the recommended routers for Perfect Privacy is the powerhouse Netgear R7000 DD-WRT.

Remember, any FlashRouter can be flashed for Perfect Privacy VPN use. Simply choose Perfect Privacy VPN from the VPN drop down menu.

All FlashRouters include a customized VPN provider setup guide with troubleshooting tips, free warranty and expert tech support via chat, ticket system, knowledge base and remote Teamviewer. We also provide plug and play, out of the box installation options if you include your Perfect Privacy information in the final step of our secure checkout process.

Any questions about Perfect Privacy or VPN routers? Let us have it!

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