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Netflix Comparison by Country - US, UK, Germany, France, Brazil, Canada

Updated 2018

Netflix is the best best online streaming service for watching popular movies and TV shows in the US and around the globe. A quick glance at the FAQ page on the Netflix official website displays a quite extensive listing of all Netflix streaming-only countries.

However, each Netflix locale, be it the Netflix USA, Netflix UK, Netflix Canada, Netflix, Brazil, Netflix France, Netflix Germany, and more, all provide different content viewing options. A movie or TV show that is available in Netflix USA may not also be available in Netflix UK and vice versa.

Are There Major Differences with Available Netflix Content by Country?

The simple answer is most undoubtedly, yes.

Streaming movies and TV shows may only be available in certain countries around the globe due to the regional content distribution deals and ownership rights of those titles. When a company like Universal licenses titles from their US catalog, it is possible they may not control those same rights in a country like Brazil. It is also possible they may have not agreed on fees in that specific country.

Netflix does not go into detail on their website about policies regarding the use of your account when traveling outside of your home country. This means that when you travel to the UK for a vacation or business trip you will still be able to log in and access your US Netflix account abroad. However, you will not be accessing the same Netflix you would see while connecting from home. According to Netflix’s FAQ page: “Available content may vary by location, and will change from time to time.” …and boy, does it ever!

In many cases, a TV show or movie may not be as popular in a given international region when compared to US viewing numbers. A studio trying to syndicate a TV show or distribute a movie that is unpopular in Europe or Latin America will accept a less lucrative content distribution deal with streaming services like Netflix in these locales. This allows Netflix to purchase movie and TV show rights by country to certain shows and movies, which may be prohibitively expensive in the US,  at fractions of the cost in locations around the world.

Comparing Availability of Netflix Content by Country

At FlashRouters, there is a very large International customer base, and one which is full of Internet users who love their streaming.

With this in mind, this post will begin a new series of blog posts to showcase the varied content that is available in differing Netflix locales. We want you to know what country is the best place to find the best and most popular content from top actors, directors, genres, and other fun categories (like superhero movies).

Our series of Netflix Content by Country Showdowns will showcase the vast difference between movies available in Netflix US, Netflix UK, Netflix Latin America, Netflix Europe, Netflix Canada, and possible some other Netflix regions.

Over the coming months, we will scour the Netflix content by country specifically for superhero movies, classic TV sitcoms, movies from blockbuster stars, and much more. Our first Netflix Content by Country Showdown is one of the most popular movie stars in the world today, Denzel Washington. Check this post often for updates to existing movie start lists as well as new Netflix by Country showdowns.

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Netflix Content by Country Showdown #9: Charlize Theron

Netflix Content by Country Showdown #10: Robert Downey Jr.

And there is plenty more to come. Have an actor, genre or filmmaker you’d like to see us breakdown? Let us know in the comments down below!

How To Unlock Netflix Content by Country?

So now that you know that there can be huge differences in availability for your favorite actors or movies, the question becomes how do you switch to any Netflix country you wish.

Well that is our specialty here! FlashRouters partners with many reputable VPN and SmartDNS providers so you can access the content you desire and get the most out of their Netflix subscriptions while home or traveling/working anywhere in the world.

To unblock the content you want on Netflix, it is important to choose a VPN or SmartDNS provider wisely. In order to access content from any Netflix library, it is important to subscribe to a provider with a wide array of international servers and locales. There are countless titles and shows that may only be available in a single Netflix region. If your VPN or SmartDNS provider does not offer a server or DNS locale in one of these regions, you will be missing out on some great streaming content.

SmartDNS vs. VPN Service

Debating whether you should be using a VPN or SmartDNS service, here is a handy breakdown of the benefits/disadvantages of each.



Unlock Netflix Content in Any Country

Encrypted & Private Internet Connection

Fastest Speeds

Lower Cost

FlashRouters Supported

To summarize, both VPN service and SmartDNS service provide excellent solutions for gaining access to worldwide streaming content. Both of these are also fully supported by the FlashRouters support team.

When choosing between VPN or SmartDNS, it is important to identify what advantages are most important to you.

Advantages of VPN Service over SmartDNS

If you are concerned about general privacy and would like to make sure that your network and personal data are secured, then a protective VPN service would be preferable. A VPN service will actually change your browsing IP address and make it seem as if your IP address is in the country of your choosing.

This will also fully encrypt and anonymize your Internet activities from your ISP, other Internet services (Google, Facebook etc), or government oversight. Netflix servers will see you as visiting from this new VPN location and thus display the content for that Netflix region.

Advantages of Smart DNS Over VPN Service

If your main goal is to stream content that may be blocked in your region while maintaining your full network speed, without the need for extra encryption, then you should choose a SmartDNS provider.

How does Smart DNS Work? When you connect to a streaming service (or any website for that matter), that site will be resolved by Domain Name Servers (DNS) that are automatically passed through to your router or computer by your ISP, unless you manually input alternate servers.

At the simplest level, SmartDNS providers offer unique DNS addresses to input into your router or computer, so that when you visit a specific streaming website, that streaming website is resolved through the SmartDNS servers. These servers are specially configured to make your query appear as if it originated from the “smart” locale of your choosing, and not your real geographical location.

Since network masking is only occurring as the webpage is being resolved, your activity and connection is not encrypted. Therefore, there is no extra processing power required, which often causes a drop in the overall speed of the network. As this service does not need the same type of server maintenance as a full VPN solution, the price is typically a bit lower than that of a VPN service.

Best Routers for Netflix with VPN Service & SmartDNS

While it is possible to use both VPN and SmartDNS on single devices in your network, the only way to fully broadcast your VPN or SmartDNS network to any wired or wireless device in your home network is to configure the service on your router. Every FlashRouter is compatible with services from the best VPN and SmartDNS providers now available.

Top SmartDNS Providers For Netflix

ExpressVPN – One of the newest features to the ExpressVPN router app is their new MediaStreamer function. This new feature is a unique DNS management system that allows users to access streaming video content without encrypting your online traffic through a VPN.

This feature is built in to the ExpressVPN router app, allowing users to use their VPN service or their MediaStreamer option!

Check out our ExpressVPN Routers!

Smart DNS Proxy – Smart DNS Proxy founders have been in the Internet security business for nearly 20 years and have introduced the dedicated, safe-browsing, easy to use, no logging Smart DNS service with the ability to get access to the streaming content in the region you want no matter where you are located. For only $50 you can get the service for a full 2 years. SmartDNSProxy subscription now includes VPN service as well!

Check out our SmartDNS Proxy Routers.

Top VPN Service Providers For Netflix

Great deals on IPVanish Netflix VPN DD-WRT & Tomato Routers

Running a VPN connection requires a large amount of processing power, so if you choose to use a VPN for streaming needs, it is recommended you use a router with a large processor to handle the network encryption and HD streaming requirements (usually a minimum of 600 MHz).

This will help avoid drops in network speeds, due to high processing requirements needed from a router hardware to tunnel encrypted traffic around the globe. As VPN services need more maintenance and upkeep the price is usually a bit higher than that of a SmartDNS service.

HideMyAss! – Over 700 servers in over 100 countries 90000+ IP addresses available.

Check out our HideMyAss FlashRouters.

IPVanish –  Offers some of the fastest L1 server speeds worldwide with 60 plus country servers & most popular users in the Middle East & Asia.

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