Introducing UnblockVPN DD-WRT & TomatoUSB VPN Routers

unblockvpn-large-optWishing you could watch ITV, Netflix US & UK, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer from wherever you are? UnblockVPN can get this done for you and MORE!

Based in the Czech Republic, UnblockVPN is a excellent choice for VPN users looking for a low-cost, quality featured VPN service focused in the US and UK to unblock your favorite streaming video services.

UnblockVPN Subscription Benefits

    • Dynamic real public IP or dedicated real IP –  With real dedicated IP user can use port-forwarding on their router so use all 65535 ports of the IP address. This way users can make some devices on their local network globally accessible (web servers, NAS servers, camera systems, game server etc.). No NAT necessary.
    • Hulu Unblocking – Many VPN providers are continually having issues with unblocking Hulu but UnblockVPN has a working solution for Hulu.
    • One Simple Plan Option – All countries, server locations and VPN protocols included for one low price (under $5 per month)!

UnblockVPN Server Options

– 6 Servers in United Kingdom (London and Gosport).
– 6 Servers in USA (Denver, CO, New York, NY, Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA).
– 2 Server in Czech Republic (Prague).
– 1 Server in Sweden (Stockholm), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Slovakia (Bratislava), Israel (Tel Aviv).

Use UnblockVPN With Roku, AppleTV & More


VPN service is great but sadly it is limited to using it on individual devices. Until NOW! Using a FlashRouter with your UnblockVPN subscription means you can connect any device (Xbox One, Amazon Fire, Samsung Smart TV, Ps4, or AppleTV) to Unblock VPN with one simple setup!

No need to get rid of your current router, either. Utilize the popular Dual Router Setup to use your current router as a connection to the IP address provided to you by your Internet Service Provider while creating a second network for VPN use with a UnblockVPN DD-WRT & TomatoUSB WiFi Routers.

Best UnblockVPN DD-WRT Routers

UnblockVPN R7000 Nighthawk RoutersThis setup not only allows you to keep your current router, but creates two networks for you to switch seamlessly between. The advantage of having two networks is that you will not have to flood for your VPN connection with wireless devices that will work just fine without a VPN connection, as they can be connected to your local network.

Let’s take at some of the best Best UnblockVPN DD-WRT & TomatoUSB Routers.




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