Proof that Verizon Is at Fault in the Netflix Throttling Battle?

Netflix Throttling from Verizon FiOS

Verizon FiOS Netflix Throttling

The battle between Netflix Instant and Verizon FiOS rages on, with both sides accusing the other of being responsible for the Netflix’s slow streaming speeds.

We’ve recently written about this very topic and other issues related to bandwidth throttling, solidly siding with Netflix Instant and comfortably asserting that Verizon FiOS (and other ISPs) are to blame. And now, it would seem that we have some pretty damning evidence backing up those assertions…

Verizon FiOS Engages in Netflix Throttling CEO Colin Nederkoorn, frustrated that his Netflix Instant speeds on his 75 Mbps Verzion Fios package were coming in at 0.5% of the speeds he pays for, decided to run a little test of his own. As he writes on his blog:

My hypothesis here was that by connecting to a VPN, my traffic might end up getting routed through uncongested tubes. Basically, if Verizon is not upgrading the tubes that go to Netflix, maybe I can connect to a different location (via VPN) first where Verizon will have good performance and there will be no congestion between location 2 and and Netflix.

As for the results, here’s a video Nederkoorn provided of his test:

Using the Netflix test video the extremely silly but immensely useful Example Short 23.976, Nederkoorn was able to demonstrate how Netflix Instant streams were only streaming at about 1/20 (350 kbps) of HD quality (3000 kbps/3 Mbps) with consistent buffering and slowdowns.

So how did he showcase that you can easily stream at 3.0 MB from using that same 75 Mbps Verizon connection? All he did was turn on his VPN client from VyprVPN and like magic his streaming quality instantly jumped.

Why is that? Because by encrypting what he was doing online and hiding it from Verizon Fios, they were not able to inspect the content/package coming in. Therefore, Verizon was not able to target and limit Netflix, a competitor to their own streaming content and services.

These are the types of devious and underhanded activities that Internet Service Providers are actively using to spite the idea of net neutrality and not only that but they are consistently refuting they are doing it despite the evidence.

Prevent Netflix Throttling With a VPN

Nederkoorn’s blog argues to get around Verizon FiOS and other ISPs that deliberately slow down Netflix Instant’s streaming speeds. The way to go about this process is to get yourself subscribed to a VPN provider and fast.

At FlashRouters, our mission is to share this type of knowledge with users who are frustrated but don’t know the reasons why. Targeting users because of what they use and how they use it is not alright with us. This is which is why we are such big proponents of using VPN. And not only on one device as Nederkorn did, but on any device you might be trying to stream Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, or Spotify.

How a VPN Router Avoids Netflix Bandwidth Limiting On All Your Devices

One major advantage a FlashRouter brings is network-wide VPN integration with one setup. Using the VPN client Nederkorn used only allows you to stop the slowdowns on one device at a time, whether it be a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The problem comes when you want to unleash the speed on your streaming players (Roku, AppleTV) and SmartTVs which can’t utilize VPN as is or install a VPN client.

To use VPN with aa Roku or SmartTV, you need to base the VPN connection at the router level which just so happens to be our specialty at FlashRouters. The feature is already pre-installed on any FlashRouter with enhanced open-source firmware. All you need to do is turn it on.

Use a FlashRouter in a Two Router Setup - Local & VPN

How To Use a FlashRouter in a Two Router Setup

As displayed above in our popular dual router setup, connecting a high-powered FlashRouter like the Asus RT-AC68U works side by side with you required ISP Modem/Router combo like the one Verizon provides. So that device, usually an Actiontec, will sit by side with a high performing, private connection based in a the FlashRouter

The FlashRouter will serve as a direct connection to the VPN, all of the devices connected to the FlashRouter (from Rokus to iPads to Samsung SmartTVs to Chromecasts) will be going through a single VPN account. Using a FlashRouter is a one-stop solution for preventing Netflix throttling on your ENTIRE network.

Supported FiOs Busting VPN Services

FlashRouters works with and supports more than 40+ VPN or SmartDNS services like PrivateInternetAccess, IPVanish, and; so many, in fact, that we have a whole official list of supported providers. If you’re subscribed to any VPN on that list, we can ship you one of routers pre-programmed to work with your VPN service, and we wouldn’t let any old VPN near our precious devices.

Not sure which service is best for you, we’d be happy to point you to the right service that may be particularly useful if you’re interested in avoiding interference from Verizon FiOS or another ISP.  Just drop a line to our always helpful Support team.

Hopefully, the next time you stream your favorite newly-added movies or Netflix original content like Orange Is the New Black, you’ll have all you need to circumvent Verizon FiOS bbandwidth throttling.

Don’t fall victim to Verizon FiOS and other predatory ISPs. Fight back against Netflix throttling and get yourself subscribed to a VPN service today!

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  1. Robert F. Paxton

    Thanks for the article. A VPN or DNS service can actually improve Verizon’s speed regarding video streaming. I am currently using a VPN and I can notice the difference especially on Netflix.


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