FlashRouters Summer Blowout Special

Don’t you hate it when you are outside at a BBQ or tiki party trying to show someone a YouTube video on your phone and it just churns and churns and churns? Around here, we call this syndrome “Router Blindness”.

Symptoms of Router Blindness include yelling at your stupid phone, throwing your laptop against the floor, banging of desktops in hopes they will perform better and promises that when Monday comes around, you are headed to the cell phone store to show them what a piece of junk they gave you.
But when Monday arrives and you show up there, it magically works perfectly. Wonder why? Because in the store they have the right router, networking equipment, and WiFi equipment to give you full coverage. They have optimized the WiFi in their store so why wouldn’t you do the same thing in your home where you are ACTUALLY using the device.

We just so happened to make a fun little video about routers in need of retirement that shows you the essence of a FlashRouter upgrade.

When Is it Time To Upgrade Your Wireless Router?

If any of your devices, from computers, to tablets, phones, streaming players or SmartTVs, are performing more slowly or unreliably than you believe they should, the problem may not be with the device itself.

Issues such as excessive buffering and Internet service provider throttling on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Instant Prime can often be corrected or limited. So before you ditch an under-performing phone or other device for the latest model, take a look at your wireless router as it may in fact be the source of your woes.

FlashRouter Summer Blowout Specials

Summer Router Blowout Special - DDWRT & VPN Routers from FlashRouters

As always, these devices will include all the perks associated with a FlashRouter: pre-installed open-source firmware for improved performance, stability, and security options, free expert US-based tech support, and a complete open-source firmware warranty. All at a fraction of the regular price, while supplies last.

Our summer clearance is the ideal time to bring your home or office network truly up to speed. Enjoy a heightened sense of security and finally get coverage to previous WiFi dead zones in your home. Taking control of your wireless network provides the opportunity to feel the real potential of your gadget investments.

Summer Blowout FlashRouters include:

FlashRouters installs or “flashes” open source firmware on popular router models to increase functionality, stability, speed, and security. Open source firmware removes bugs, security vulnerabilities, and networking back-doors. Proprietary manufacturer firmware that does not allow for public vetting of source code may leave a router open to hackers or other malicious parties. Advanced routing modes are also limited in stock firmware. Open source upgrades unlock an array of enterprise level features, like wireless extender modes and VPN connectivity options.

We only have limited stock of these models and there will be no restocking or rain checks so grab them while you can!

The Future in Now in Wireless Router Tech

Best WiFi DD-WRT Router of 2014 - Netgear R7000 Nighthawk OpenVPN OpenSource VPN

The Netgear R7000 Nighthawk DD-WRT FlashRouter

On the high-end performance spectrum, breakthrough Wireless-AC technology implemented on models such as the Netgear R7000 Nighthawk and Asus RT-AC68U offer superior processing and wireless power to handle any download, streaming, or networking task thrown at them. Combined with open source firmware, these devices provide a future-proofing solution for all wireless and HD streaming needs as wireless technologies are implemented throughout our homes, appliances, cars, and  wearable technologies like Google Glass, Jawbones & Fitbits.

So whether you are looking for a high end upgrade to give your home or office network a speed and security beef-up, or are looking to get a taste of the latest open source technology, now is the time to revitalize your network with a FlashRouter!

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