Introducing Smart DNS Proxy Routers

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Smart DNS Proxy Routers Now Available From FlashRouters

Smart DNS Proxy is a DNS proxy service that allows users to unblock content from around the world. Smart DNS Proxy is a part of Global Stealth Inc, which has been a leader in global Internet security since 1995. While FlashRouters is known for flashing routers for VPN use, Smart DNS Proxy offers an alternative to VPN by unblocking content through fast and secure DNS servers.

The Benefits of Smart DNS Proxy Routers

As Smart DNS Proxy Routers use DNS servers to unblock content, there is no connection or disconnection needed as with VPN use. Due to this, using Smart DNS Proxy is faster than using a VPN. SmartDNS functions much more as a “trick”, while the service a VPN provides is more along the lines of “tunneling”.  If you are using a VPN service, you have to send information back and forth through a tunnel to reach content.

While VPN tunneling provides an extra layer of security by encrypting the user location, it can still slow down the Internet activity considerably, especially if you are connecting to a server over a very long distance. Smart DNS Proxy does not have an added layer of site security as within VPN use, but it is a much more speedy and efficient way to unblock content.

Unique Benefits for Smart DNS Proxy

Smart DNS Proxy also uses a single DNS list so once you enter your new DNS servers (kind of like an internet phone address book). So with one change you can get access to to Netflix US, BBC and 50 more streaming services worldwide without having to change VPN servers or countries. So go to and it will tell Netflix Canada that you are good to go, same for Zattoo or iTV or Premier League Pass. Traverse the globe unblocked from your favorite content with no VPN slowdowns of setups.

Another bonus of using Smart DNS Proxy is the ability to connect to specific sites and services. Using Smart DNS Proxy routers, there is no need to create a separate network for DNS connectivity. If you are using a VPN network from a router, everything connected to that network will be going through a VPN, hence the need for a Dual Router Setup. With just a FlashRouter, using Smart DNS, unblock specific sites and services, such as Pandora, Tennis Channel, History Channel, and A&E TV.

Unblocking Hulu Abroad with Smart DNS Proxy Routers

While recent news reports have gone into detail about Hulu’s blocking of VPN services, using Smart DNS Proxy in place of a VPN would allow users to get access to Hulu from abroad. Hulu has begun to crack down on IP locations from VPN provider servers, much to the dismay of International viewers trying to catch the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers or The Colbert Report. As Smart DNS Proxy creates loopholes for specific sites (like Hulu) and not using a VPN’s geo-location encryption, Hulu’s blocking of specific IP addresses will not be an issue for Smart DNS Proxy users.

Best Smart DNS Proxy Routers

FlashRouters now offers several routers specifically configured for use with Smart DNS Proxy. Upgrade your home network with a DD-WRT or Tomato router while accessing the all the content you want with Smart DNS Proxy.

The best Linksys DD-WRT Router ready for improved security

Linksys WRT1900ACS DD-WRT Router

  • SmartDNSProxy Linksys WRT1900ACS DD-WRT FlashRouter– A true networking powerhouse FlashRouter. With Dual Band Wireless-AC1900 and an 1.6 GHz Processor MHz processor, using the Linksys WRT1900ACS with Smart DNS Proxy is a surefire way to stream all of your favorite TV shows and movies in high-definition.
  • SmartDNSProxy Asus RT-AC56U TomatoUSB Router– The economy AC favorite os proven to be one of FlashRouters’ best selling Tomat, and with good reason. Boasting great wireless speeds and a strong processor at an affordable price, the AC56U has become an instant classic.

Updated: 11/15/16

3 thoughts on “Introducing Smart DNS Proxy Routers

  1. ZiggyHack

    Why using a VPN when you can use a DNS service like UnoTelly? The DNS option is much faster and easier to use.

  2. Sandra M. Frink

    Thanks for the article Alex. The DNS option is better than using a VPN regarding content streaming because you can achieve direct connection with the media station ex. Netflix and avoid the “middle-man”.


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