Meet DNSthingy and Our Exclusive DNSthingy OpenWRT FlashRouter

FlashRouters Introduces DNSthingy


At FlashRouters, we’ve continuously extolled the virtues of open source firmwares like DD-WRT and Tomato, as well as internet security services like VPNs, and with great reason.

Today, we’re introducing something new. Something that  does an end-around on VPN services, and has allowed us to offer a superlative router without the benefit of open-source firmware.

What we’re introducing is DNSthingy, an app that offers top-notch levels of convenience, security, and access to geo-restricted web material to its users, and has fostered the creation of our first OpenWRT FlashRouter.

Meet DNSthingy

DNSthingy’s slogan is “Everything you want, nothing you don’t”, and it’s hard to think of a better way to summarize this exemplary service’s appeal.

With DNSthingy, it’s as though you’re getting SmartDNS and a VPN in one. An app that is easy to use, protects your computer and network from unwanted ads, sites, malware, and doesn’t compromise your internet speed, DNSthingy is a thing(y) of beauty.

Moreover, you can enjoy international Netflix, US and UK channels like NBC, ABC, Fox, music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, and much more! With DNSthingy, you get geo-blocked content, not by routing it through an international server, but by using their “Secret Sauce” service which brings you the content from the closest available server. There is also added security as DNSthingy successfully avoids DNS-based profiling.

Suffice to say, DNSthingy’s service is feature-rich. In fact, here’s the site’s full feature list:

  • Turn Services on and off via DNSthingy Web Interface
  • Access Geo-Locked Content
  • OpenDNS Family Shield Integration
  • Block Third Party Advertisements
  • Block Behavioral Profiling
  • Change DNS at router level to protect your whole house
  • Change DNS at computer level to protect just yourself
  • Growing list of international content that you’re able to access at great speeds
  • Protect your internet usage without slowing it down
  • White or Black list websites of your choosing in DNSthingyWeb Interface
  • Add Multiple Locations and Profiles from your Dashboard to easily manage different needs at different locations

What more could you ask? DNSthingy will keep your home or business network safe, unblock geo-locked areas of the internet for you, and do it all without compromising the speed and power you’ve come to expect from your router. It’s a no-brainer.

The DNSthingy Asus RT-N16 OpenWRT FlashRouter

Meet our first OpenWRT FlashRouter: the DNSthingy Asus RT-N16

DNSthingy Asus RT-N16 OpenWRT FlashRouter

And we’ve got just the router for you, if you’re looking to enjoy the convenience and network security provided by DNSthingy.

Meet the DNSthingy Asus RT-N16 OpenWRT FlashRouter. Temporarily leaving aside the routers DNSthingy-specific build, the Asus RT-N16 is a tremendously affordable, highly requested and sought-out router. This device offers 2 networked USB ports and 128 MB of RAM 32 MB of Flash Memory, which is four times bigger than the standard memory size for a router.

What’s more, the Asus RT-N16 offers three upgradeable, external antennae, all of which add up to making it one of the top single-band routers available.

But, of course, what’s most exciting about this router is that it features a customized version of OpenWRT that makes it perfectly compatible with DNSthingy.

Improve your home or office network, enjoy all of your favorite streaming services, and block out unwanted ads with the help of DNSthingy, and do it all with the Asus RT-N16 OpenWRT router so the experience is as hassle-free as possible.

Order now and get 30 days free DNSthingy service when purchased with this custom DNSthingy FlashRouter! After your free trial, the subscription fee is only $7.99/mo for unlimited devices. Subscription is per router.

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