How To Setup Multiple OpenVPN Network Connections Simultaneously

In our last post, we highlighted a great feature in Tomato USB FlashRouters for setting up OpenVPN connections to two different countries at the same time on a single router; ideal for those who require VPN connections to various locations for different purposes. This setup is limited by the fact that you can only access one of those VPN connections at a time.

Despite the ease of being able to switch between your two VPN connections, many customers prefer to have multiple OpenVPN connections to different VPN server locations around the world running at the same time. In this article we will tell you how to do just that by utilizing a unique three router configuration: More Routers=More Possible OpenVPN Connections!

With one FlashRouter you are able to fully connect to one VPN at a time. However, with more than one it follows that you can simultaneously run several OpenVPN connections in your own house that you can alternate between. Let’s take an example of a three FlashRouter setup using HideMyAss! as the VPN provider.

Setting Up Multiple OpenVPN Connections With A Three Router Configuration

First, let’s lay down the ground rules of the main router that we will be using as the hub to connect your FlashRouters. This router should remain entirely unaffected, it provides a baseline Internet connection to be distributed to the various connected HideMyAss! VPN Routers. Connect this router as you normally would, from your modem through its WAN (Internet) port. Any home user is eligible for this multiple OpenVPN connection setup using their current router by connecting two FlashRouters through open Ethernet port connections. (Asus RT-AC3200 Tomato routers in this case).

Wire your FlashRouters from their WAN (Internet) ports to any of the numbered ports in the back of the hub router. Each FlashRouter is assigned an IP Address specific to the VPN provider that you select to avoid any conflicts in your network, specifically for a setup like this. Power up both routers and voilà! Your routers will be working simultaneously in a three router configuration, creating three networks you and your family can connect to at any time on any device for full VPN access.

OpenVPN- Three Router Configuration

Choosing Between One of Three OpenVPN Client Connections in a Three Router Configuration

Why Use A Three Router Configuration?

Let’s talk practical usage of this setup. With these three WiFi networks, you have your original connection that you can keep using for your day to day internet, but now you are also a click away from being able to browse from multiple locations using HideMyAss!.

The three router connection is a great option for people living in Asia or the Middle East who wish to watch US-based Netflix as well as European streaming services such as 4oD or Netflix UK, in addition to all of their favorite local programs. For example, you can be watching the newest episode of Downton Abbey through your UK connection on your laptop while your kids are watching SpongeBob Squarepants through a SmartTV using your US based connection. Meanwhile your spouse can be checking their e-mail through your local ISP connection with your hub router. All at the same time! What a world!

For a list of OpenVPN DD-WRT routers that would best fit within a three router configuration, check out our list of the Best Selling DD-WRT Routers .

FlashRouters performs setups for all supported VPN providers to give you an easy plug in, log in, and enjoy process in your home.

Be sure to tune in to the next post where we will discuss backup OpenVPN connections and maintaining a secure connection at all times.

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