Best Full Free Movies Streaming on YouTube (Updated April 2015)

Free Full Movies on Youtube - The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums – Free Movies on YouTube (April 2015)

In the past, FlashRouters has highlighted some of the best free movies streaming on YouTube, but the list grew outdated pretty fast. Film companies and their lawyers are notorious for acting with lightning quickness when one of their films is being streamed for free without their permission.

In that spirit, here is a new list – one which will be updated regularly – to keep our readers aware of the great full, free movies streaming on YouTube. If by the time you read the post the link for the movie is rendered invalid, we apologize, but as we said, these things pop up and disappear with stunning speed.

Anyway, we hope you get some enjoyment out of our favorite free movies streaming on YouTube. This is a varied list, from classic westerns to anime to documentaries and beyond. But first…

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Best Full Free Movies Streaming on YouTube in 2015

Free Full Movies on YouTube - Night of the Living Dead

Night of Living Dead – Free Full Movies on YouTube (April 2015)

Minority Report – Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg team up to tackle a Philip K. Dick short story, and the results are tense, frightening, and thrilling. Cruise stars as John Anderton, an officer whose job is stop crimes before they happen, until someone frames him for a future crime, pitting his own technology against him.

The Royal Tenenbaums – We can go back and forth about Wes Anderson’s finest movie, and we certainly wouldn’t give anyone any grief for picking Rushmore or even his most recent movie (the perfectly fastidious The Grand Budapest Hotel), but for our money, it doesn’t get any better than The Royal Tenenbaums, and it’s wonderful cornucopia of broken characters all yearning to be fixed.

Labyrinth – Fans of childhood whimsy and an-even-more-outrageously-decked-out-than-usual David Bowie would do well to tuck into this children’s classic from the ’80s. Babysitter Jennifer Connelly is forced through all sorts of trials and mazes in order to rescue her infant charge from The Goblin King (Bowie). It’s all incredibly ridiculous, but a lot of fun.

The Graduate – Last year, we lost the immortal Mike Nichols, and you can celebrate his memory by streaming what may be his masterpiece. Dustin Hoffman stars as the disillusioned college graduate who enters into a fling with an older woman (Anne Bancroft) only to end up falling for her daughter (Katharine Ross).

Juno – One of the biggest indie hits of the last decade, Juno won the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere with its snappy dialogue and heartfelt performances from Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Allison Janney, and J.K. Simmons (among others). Others found the hyper-slangy dialogue a bit tough to take, but hey, you can’t please everyone.

Bulworth – Let’s get this out of the way upfront: the scenes of Warren Beatty rapping are a bit cringeworthy, but the surrounding political satire is otherwise surprisingly sharp. Beatty plays the titular politician who puts a hit out on himself and uses the opportunity to speak blunt truths (usually in the form of those aforementioned raps).

Joy Ride – The late Paul Walker’s last work (Furious 7) is in theaters this weekend, but if you want to see him in a different sort of thriller (but nonetheless, in a car), catch Joy Ride. Walker and Steve Zahn star as a pair of brother’s who piss off the wrong trucker with an ill-advised prank. That trucker is memorably voiced by Ted Levine (aka, Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs) and boy, does he get under your skin.

Dogma – If Kevin Smith has a magnum opus, it would surely be Dogma. While the movie is every bit as visually unambitious as his work (pre-Red State) tends to be, Smith went all out in his screenplay, employing renegade angels, forgotten apostles, and God (Alanis Morrisette) herself to tell this ambitious tale of woman (Linda Fiorentino) tasked with saving humanity.

Night of the Living Dead – The granddaddy of all zombie movies, George Romero’s first foray into the world of the undead is most assuredly not one of those old horror movies that just looks campy to modern eyes. It’s genuinely unnerving, and every bit worthy of its legendary status.

Taste of Cherry – If you’re in the mood for something a little more refined, and perhaps something from beyond American borders, check out Taste of Cherry, one of many essential pictures from the Iranian cinematic genius, Abbas Kiarostami (Certified CopyClose-Up). This typically moving tale depicts a man driving around, looking for someone to bury him under a cherry tree once he commits suicide. Not exactly light-hearted fare, but absolutely worth your time.

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