Big News (& Savings) on IPVanish and IPVanish FlashRouters!

Great deals on IPVanish DD-WRT and Tomato Routers

IPVanish and FlashRouters

IPVanish VPN continues to lead the pack in trying to make sure users have the securest, fastest Internet browsing experience as possible. In addition to the recent announcement of DD-WRT routers compatible with IPVanish OpenVPN, FlashRouters offers a complete line of IPVanish VPN routers ready to make any IPVanish users’ VPN experience that much more amazing and effective.

IPVanish VPN continues expanding their reach and continues excelling in a crowded field of quality VPNs. Their server count and list of server addresses just can’t seem to stop growing. In fact, they’ve added 6 new servers in the last month:

  • Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Zurich, Switzerland (2nd server)
  • Athens, Greece
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Zagreb, Croatia

That extends the reach of their dedicated Tier-1 servers under IPVanish to more than 115 servers in 52 countries with an IP address pool of 14,000+.

Save 15% on Your IPVanish Subscription

The positive effect of using a FlashRouter in conjunction with an IPVanish subscription cannot be overstated, which is why we’re happy to announce some brand new deals that will bring you these great services at a remarkable discount.

If you want the incomparable protection that an IPVanish subscription can bring to your network, head on over to the IPVanish page and sign up. When asked for a coupon code, you have two special options from exclusively from FlashRouters

  1. 3 Months of Free IPVanish – More of a long range saver? Use the coupon code FLASH90 with 3 month or 1 year of service and get 3 months tacked on for FREE! (DEAL EXPIRED)
  2. 15% Off Any IPVanish Subscription – If you are looking to try out IPVanish service for a month, then enter the coupon code FLASH15.

But wait! The deals don’t end there…

IPVanish VPN Dual Router Setup Image

The IPVanish FlashRouter Dual Router Setup

10% Off on Any IPVanish FlashRouter

Now that you’ve got your IPVanish VPN subscription and you’ve ensured that you have access to a safe, encrypted network (that additionally allows you to access geographically restricted material), you’re definitely going to want a router that makes accessing that using that high-speed VPN service easier.

Which is why we recommend a IPVanish-specific FlashRouter, one that arrives at your door ready to work with your IPVanish account, saving you the trouble of installing VPN software on each device. Most popular streaming players like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, or SmartTVs don’t even have VPN options (and forget about OpenVPN!)

An IPVanish FlashRouter guarantees a wireless network that is safe, strong, and versatile, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Plus after a single VPN setup (which we will gladly preconfigure completely if you wish), you can pick and choose which devices use either VPN or a non-VPN connection on your network.

Use the coupon code IPVANISH10 and save 10% on any IPVanish FlashRouter! Do yourself a favor; save some money while securing your network!

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