How to Watch the World Cup 2018 Live Streaming From Anywhere

Fifa World Cup Russia 2018

Updated April 2018

You’re excited about the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia; of course, you are. We all are. Why else would we be posting about it almost two months before the first game starts? The World Cup will be pumping up emotions around the world from June 14 – July 15, 2018.

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Anticipation is at a fever pitch. Of course, most of the world won’t even try to get tickets, and will happily settle for watching it on TV or streaming it over the web. This also applies to restaurants and bars trying to show matches to their patrons that aren’t streaming on available TV channels.

If you are in the United States, trying to watch the Russia, France, or Argentina game while another game is playing on television may not be possible, unless you are web streaming. If you don’t have BBC Sport or Fox Sports Go account, you will need to an alternate way to ensure you will be able to watch all of the matches.

Additionally, if you are web streaming, there is the possibility that you will be geo-blocked from viewing the games you want to watch. To get around geo-blocks, you will have to take advantage of a Virtual Private Network. Furthermore, as many devices lack native VPN support, the only way you will be able to encrypt a Smart TV or game console is with a VPN router (like the Netgear R9000 DD-WRT FlashRouter pictured below).

Now, here is a guide that we will be continually updating to make streaming the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia as fluid and hassle-free as possible.

How to Watch the 2018 World Cup Online

Just looking at the results of the World Cup 2018 Draw is enough to get us worked up. All 210 remaining FIFA member associations were eligible to enter the qualifying process. A total 32 number of teams eligible to enter qualification, with Russia qualifying automatically as hosts.

If you don’t miss a minute of it, and if you want to know who has the rights to stream the World Cup in your country, it would be best to consult this WIkipedia list of broadcasting rights. In addition, here are a few choice sites and apps that will allow you to access World Cup 2018 live streaming for every game that your heart desires.

Best VPN Service Providers for the World Cup 2018 Free Live Streaming

For the uninitiated, a VPN service (or Virtual Private Network service) is a subscription-based service that accomplishes the dual purpose of making your online activity secure and allows you to have access to a freer, more open internet. It accomplishes the former by securely tunneling all of your online activity through encrypted servers set up all over the world, thus keeping your sensitive information (e-mails, credit card numbers) out of the view of prying eyes.

As for giving you a more open Internet, a VPN also allows you to access geographically restricted material like the World Cup from anywhere in the world. When you log in to a VPN, you’re allowed to choose the country in which your encrypted server is located. When you do so, your computer is given a new IP address in that country, which effectively makes your computer think it’s in a different country.

Want to stream the BBC from Mexico? Choose a UK server and you’re all set. The same trick applies if you want to watching YouTube Red from anywhere or visiting websites from Turkey.

How to Stream the 2018 World Cup on Any Device

On the other side of things, even if you are have chosen the right VPN of your choice to watch the World Cup 2018, you still may have issues with the actual live streaming of the games on your different devices. That is why a powerful router for integrating VPN through your entire network is a necessity. Using a better router could give you streaming HD quality World Cup action like you never imagined.

Using a VPN router means you set up the VPN provider once and any device that connects will now be using that country you have selected. iPad, PS4, Roku, AppleTV. You name it and it’s covered.

Some of our most powerful VPN ready routers include the Netgear R7000 AC1900 Nighthawk DD-WRT FlashRouter which offer top end processor and wireless speeds. If you are looking for a basic router upgrade to get your network more prepared for a streaming future, might we suggest the Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000 AC3200 DD-WRT FlashRouter or the Asus RT-AC5300 AC5300 DD-WRT FlashRouter.

Watch Fifa World Cup with VPN

Best World Cup 2018 Live Streaming

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be televised on FOX Sports in English as well as Telemundo in Spanish. The matches will also be streamed live on fubo Premier, Sling TV, Fox Sports Go, and FOX Soccer Match Pass.

How to Stream the 2018 World Cup on FIFA From Anywhere

So if you want to access FOX Sports or BBC Sport or any other site streaming World Cup games that is not available in your country, hop on to your VPN and pick a server in a country that will allow you to watch the game. you can use the following list of Top Recommended World Cup VPN Providers and the servers countries they offer.

  • NordVPN – A very popular service, thanks to double data encryption feature (AKA Double VPN).
  • ExpressVPN – Popular premium VPN provider with top performance in Asia and Australia.
  • HideMyAss – Most overall US & UK server options.

Best Sites & Apps for Streaming Live Football/Soccer

Watch World Cup 2014 on BBC Sport

BBC Sport/iTV: BBC Sport is a free streaming sports treasure trove and your best bet for World Cup 2014 live streaming would be through BBC Sport. In conjunction with ITV, BBC has the online streaming rights to World Cup games. All matches will be split between these two UK services. Unfortunately, both BBC Sport and ITV only available in the UK – unless you are subscribed to a VPN service that can help you get around these pesky country restrictions.

Streaming World Cup Live in the USA

Fox Sports: If you’re watching from the US, as we are, then you can count on 271 hours of World Cup 2018 live streaming from Russia courtesy of Fox Sports. Fox Sports Go will be airing simulcasts of the games and that’s likely where you’ll find us. However, unless you are a cable subscriber, using Fox Sports to watch the World Cup not be possible.

Some other channels licensed to broadcast the FIFA World Cup in the United States include ESPN and their associated channels, NBC Sports, Telemundo, fuboTV, and Futbol de Primera Radio.

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