What is DramaFever & How To Watch DramaFever Outside The US

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If you’re in the market for television and movies geared towards Korean, Chinese, and Japanese soap operas/drama, you’re in luck. There’s an online video site that’s devoted to free streaming of Korean dramas, feature films, and music videos named DramaFever.

What Is DramaFever?

At the moment, if you’re looking for Korean dramas streaming in the US and Canada, DramaFever is the only game in town. This online video distributor is making a big name for itself by offering premium foreign content in North America, and they’re only getting bigger.

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As we said, their purview is mostly limited to Korean dramas and kid shows, though they’ve expanded into Spanish-language programming like telenovelas, and their content is expected to become more multicultural as the company grows. Importing foreign streaming content into the US and Canada is paying off for DramaFever, and they’ve kept themselves accessible by offering free, ad-sponsored content, as well as premium memberships that allows viewers to stream without commercial interruption.

Keep an eye out for this new streaming video site. You might start hearing your friend going on about binge-watching programs like the very popular Running Man on DramaFever anytime.

How to Watch DramaFever From Outside the US

As is the case with most streaming video sites, DramaFever is not available everywhere, and their content is only viewable from an IP address located in North or South America. Good news for those in the US and neighboring countries, and bad news for those trying to watch Substitute Princess, Gu Family Book, Nail Shop Paris, and other Korean programs from everywhere else.

Fortunately, there are simple solutions to this problem, and to simultaneously increase your online security/privacy at a time when it’s most needed, a VPN provider.

Single Router Setup

A VPN service, or Virtual Private Network service, is a subscription-based service. The primary function of which is to protect your online information and habits. Logging into a VPN means that all of your web activity is tunneled through secure servers that VPN services have set up all over the world.

Benefits Of Using A VPN

Doing so keeps hackers, identity thieves, nosy advertisers, and even snooping governments at bay while also helping you watch DramaFever from anywhere in the world! This includes Asia, Africa, the UK, the Middle East, and Australia.

Since logging into a VPN service means running your activity through a new server set up somewhere you aren’t, you can change your IP address with a VPN, which also allows you to access geo-blocked websites. Want to watch US-only content on DramaFever from the UK or Singapore? Log in to your VPN provider account, pick a US-based IP address, and your computer will look like as if it’s in the US. It’s that simple.

Using a VPN will not grant you access to the ad free subscriber version of DramaFever, which also offers HD quality, streaming on devices like Roku and iPad, and full access to the latest programs. However, switching your IP to a US address will grant you the ability to watch hundreds of television programs, feature length films, and music videos on DramaFever- so that is definitely a bonus.

Popular VPN services for US-based IP addresses include IPVanish, ExpressVPN, and PrivateInternetAccess, compare VPN service features on our official supported provider list.

Watch DramaFever From Outside The USA With A FlashRouter

Aside from pointing you in the direction of top-quality VPNs, FlashRouters can also improve your DramaFever streaming experience.

What Makes a FlashRouter Different?

FlashRouters takes already powerful routers and boost their functionality by leaps and bounds. This is accomplished by flashing them with open-source DD-WRT firmware.

Even if you are located in the United States and therefore have access to DramaFever, purchasing a FlashRouter will still be beneficial as these replacement firmwares serve to make devices faster, more powerful, and more versatile.

  • Use a FlashRouter to improve wireless range and stability
  • Access advanced security options & protections
  • Control how your bandwidth is used and allocated

This allows you to prioritize video streaming content is perfect for viewers trying to watch DramaFever or Netflix from outside the US. Use our handy VPN Privacy App to seamlessly switch VPN servers, allowing you to access your favorite content with ease.

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Heck, hold on to your old router, and try out our popular dual router set-up, which allows you to switch between your local network (for day-to-day usage) and your VPN (for advanced security and accessing geo-restricted material, which fits in perfectly for those trying to watch DramaFever from outside the US).

There’s no way to go wrong with a FlashRouter. A FlashRouter ranges in power and price-range to accommodate every need. 

Linksys 1900ACS

A great affordable WiFi VPN router options for fast, high quality streamingis the Linksys WRT1900ACS/AC v2 DD-WRTFor a more complete selection of our most popular open-source and VPN router options, try the best-selling open-source routers list.

Have any questions or concerns? Contact our support team for more information!

3 thoughts on “What is DramaFever & How To Watch DramaFever Outside The US

  1. Stephen Baxter

    I would like to see Isabel Series 2 on UK Sky Arts but they are dragging their heels indefinitely so I have no choice but to go down the VPN route, but will my PayPal account be recognised by Drama Fever as out of region (i.e. the UK)?

  2. John

    You can watch plenty of dramas on viki if you’re in the U.S. or Canada region. Also you might not have to resort to a vpn to watch some of them.


    I change my computer from samsung to HP now I could no longer watch dramafever I am a subscriber for long time what will l do for this problem


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