FlashRouter Flash Special: Get a New Roku 3 or AppleTV Under $25

Want Better Streaming? Get a Better Wireless Router!

One of the very best reasons to purchase any new router is to enhance your home entertainment and streaming video/music experience. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more provide solid HD entertainment but to get the best viewing experience you must have the correct router in place.

Many may have received the gifts of Netflix subscription, Hulu Plus Subscription, Pandora, Slacker, or Amazon Prime over this holiday season. Perhaps your viewing experience is not all you hoped. Are you limited to viewing on your computer alone? Is the quality of your video suffering from a slow wireless connection? Perhaps you are noticing buffering with your High Definition (HD) streaming.

How Can a Better Wireless Router Improve Netflix Quality?

Even for those with a powerful Internet connection, without the appropriate router for your specific needs, your ability to stream the content you desire may not be up to par.

At FlashRouters we convert personal class/SOHO wireless routers to more powerful business class routers with special Quality of Service controls and wireless extender features. This means that you can enhance your streaming experience…

Many of our educated customers are aware of security and anonymity concerns as well, and would therefore like to integrate a VPN connection into their network while also streaming the content they desire. VPN connections require a very large amount of processing power, and combined with any streaming needs, a user will need a truly powerful router to complete this setup without any buffering or access issues.

This is why we are now offering an all-encompassing streaming solution to FlashRouter customers so they can not only get a better router, but a better Internet experience on all devices in their home network.

FlashRouters Streaming Player Combo Savings

Roku 3 or AppleTV - Get Either for $25

Introducing FlashRouter special Streaming Deals. For each FlashRouter price level you can save big when you combine your router purchase with any streaming player.

Get any premium Wireless-AC Router like the Netgear R6300 V1 or the Asus RT-AC66U or the E4200, an all-time DDWRT favorite, with the latest generation Apple TV or Brand new top-of-the-line Roku 3 for only an additional $24.95. (No, you are not seeing things.) What better way to take advantage of your increased wireless speed and high-end integrated processing power on your new wireless router than using a state-of-the-art streaming player to watch Netflix and other video streaming through any TV in your home with High Definition Quality.

Streaming Player FlashRouter Under $100
SAVE $25
FlashRouter $100-$200
SAVE $50
FlashRouter Over $200
SAVE $75
AppleTV$99.95 $74.95 $49.95 $24.95
Roku 3$99.95 $74.95 $49.95 $24.95
Roku 2 XS$99.95 $74.95 $49.95 $24.95
Roku 2 XS RM $79.95 $54.95 $29.95 $4.95
Roku 2 XD$79.95 $54.95 $29.95 $4.95
Netgear NeoTV $69.95 $44.95 $19.95 FREE
WDTV Live $99.95 $74.95 $49.95 $24.95
D-Link MovieNite RM$59.95 $34.95 $9.95 FREE
Boxee Box RM $124.95 $99.95 $74.95 $49.95

So you want an example? How about a couple?

E1200 DD-WRT Router + AppleTV = $25 off!

Buy an RTN66U Tomato Router with a Netgear NeoTV and your Netgear Streaming Player is FREE!

Just Added Netgear R6300 V2 Wireless-AC Router + Roku 3 = $75 off!

We think you get the picture!

How To Get These Amazing Streaming Player Savings?

  1. Add a FlashRouter to the shopping cart.
  2. Add any streaming player.
  3. The savings automatically appear depending on the router price. No coupon needed.

Using VPN with a Streaming Player/FlashRouter Combo

Not only do you get the high-powered router and the big streaming player savings, but you get expert technical support to make sure your system is humming.

Normally many of these devices would be unable to connect to the Internet through a VPN service. This meant that you could not encrypt and anonymize your Internet traffic on these devices for general privacy, nor could you access the content you desire if you were not in a specific geographical location. A FlashRouter will allow you both these features.

Once you integrate your FlashRouter with one of the 30+ supported VPN Providers including PrivateInternetAccessHideMyAssIPVanish, & Overplay, you can very easily connect any streaming player to your FlashRouter network, either wired or wireless, and send all data and traffic through the VPN tunnel for full anonymity and to unblock your favorite content.So upgrade your entire home network today with a brand new FlashRouter and streaming player.

Note: This is a limited time offer. This deal applies to new orders only and cannot be honored for orders previously placed. We have limited quantities available of each player so once it goes out of stock, you are out of luck. If you have a preference for streaming player savings be sure to snatch up your media player at these unbeatable prices before they are all gone. 

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