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If you’re concerned with protecting your sensitive online information or accessing geographically restricted material, then prepare to get acquainted with, a VPN service provider that strives to improve your personal privacy, identity security, while opening up a wide swath of the Internet activities that’s unavailable to users.

And now that and FlashRouters have joined forces, you have unfettered access to a fiercely powerful wireless network. Read on to find out how a FlashRouter configured for VPN is everything online denizens have been waiting for. Overview

How VPN Protects Your Identity & Privacy

How VPN Works front page touts two features that we hold very dear here at FlashRouters: “Privacy & Freedom” and they truly believe it. Many VPNs offer these qualities, but is devoted to keeping your internet experience free and safe at an incredibly minor cost.

Subscription Plan Freedom

You can join at multiple levels of commitment; pay as little as $2 for a 72-hour stretch of protection (also perfect for a weekend getaway for those looking to stay in touch with their Netflix), or go as Dedicated customer for $25 a month, which give you access to top speeds, tons of bandwidth, and lots of extras. There are a few levels of commitment in between as well.  Recently, their OpenVPN network has been upgraded to double encryption 4096 bit RSA security. Quite amazing!

VPN Server Options & Availability has two countries that they are highly focused on like little we have seen in the VPN service world.

Currently, offering 20 servers to connect to through the Internet privacy hub in the Netherlands. But they save the best for the most popular VPN activity country, the USA.

If you are in the market to low load, high-speed VPN servers spread through the US with one service, may be perfect for you. The most important reason for choosing a provider for this type of variety is that they can support connections from many different countries with the best of VPN speeds. VPN speed is all about proximity so the ideal server for accessing US content from Canada is is different from those trying to access US content from Mexico, Latin America, the Carribean and different from Asian users and European VPN service users.

The shorter the VPN distance the better the speeds. It’s as simple as that and with’s varied servers, no matter where you are traveling, access to US VPN servers is as close and as fast as can be. has 70 plus servers spread across the USA including:

  • Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Utah, Washington DC
  • 21 Servers in California – Popular for Mexico
  • 5 VPN Servers in Florida – Popular for  Latin America
  • 6 VPN Servers in Georgia
  • 11 VPN Servers in Illinois
  • 4 VPN Servers in New Jersey
  • 10+ VPN Servers in New York
  • 4 VPN servers in Pennsylvania
  • 7 VPN servers in Texas
  • 3 in Washington (state)

I think you get the drift. Major Privacy Upgrades & Differences takes transparency seriously as well. At any time, you can see their Transparency report which lists the DMCA requests they are receiving and on what servers.

What’s more, provides great coverage, offering anonymous and non-logging VPN tunnels set up in 40 countries, encrypting your online activities and keeping them away from hackers and prying eyes. And they’re set up to work with OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and CGIProxy so you’re computer or mobile device is incredibly likely to be compatible with service.

As says on their site “No subscription. No contract. No personal details required.” Get superlative protective and encryption for cheap, and do it without compromising your sensitive information, and do it today! WiFi VPN DD-WRT & Tomato Routers

Now that we’ve given a proper introduction to and their fantastic service, perhaps it’s time that we explain to users who we are and what we do here.

FlashRouters Routers

FlashRouters Routers

Our main goal at FlashRouters might seem ambitious, but it’s one we work tirelessly to achieve, day in and day out; we want to provide our customers with the best wireless network money can buy.

By flashing our wireless routers with DD-WRT and Tomato firmware – replacement firmwares that vastly improve a router’s functionality – we ensure that our devices are versatile, powerful, and future-proof. DD-WRT and Tomato give our users access to a range of advanced features not available on your average router; you can extend your wireless network, access extra security options, and even determine how your bandwidth is allocated!

Here are a few more open-source firmware features:

  • Built-in OpenVPN, PPTP, & L2TP Client Connectivity:  Utilize your subscription with multiple devices as well as popular streaming players like Rokus. Connect any device to a VPN with one setup while saving you the trouble of installing the VPN connection on each single device!
  • Use on a Repeater, Wireless Extneder or Client Bridges
  • Advanced QoS (Quality of Service): Allocate your bandwidth for VOIP, streaming service & popular websites.
  • Network Access Restrictions: Set hours for your Internet to be off, or block specific websites and keywords. users should be happy to hear that a FlashRouter can improve your VPN experience as well. We can customize your router specifically for your VPN, allowing you to avoid tricky installation processes and connect multiple devices (iPhones, iPads, Samsungs, Android Devices, Rokus, Apple TVs, desktops, laptops, etc.) to one VPN account. And, if you hold on to your old router, you can use our popular dual router set-up, which allows you to switch easily between a local account and your VPN.

Use VPN with a Roku, XboxOne, PS3

How to Order A FlashRouter

Option #1

Find a favorite among our recommended Routers and checkout. If you want your router pre-configured prior to shipment, include your VPN username, password and preferred VPN server in our order comments area. We fully respect your privacy but make this offer for users who are uncomfortable completing a router setup on their own.

And if you do not include that info and need help along the way, your router premium VPN setup support that will make sure you get up and running if you run into any issues.

Option #2 

  1. Choose your FlashRouter from our entire catalog.
  2. Select from the VPN Service dropdown menu on any product.
  3. If you can not find, select None/Other & type in the area that says Type Other VPN Service provider. You can also enter in the order comments.
  4. Add to Cart & Checkout!

What FlashRouters Does?

Once the order is completed, our staff of expert technicians procure the correct model and versions of the router you’re looking for, then handle the hassle of flashing, configuring, and testing the router and its customization (minus the potential for bricking that this process can occasionally invite). We’re happy to handle the nuisances so that your FlashRouter experience is as hassle-free as possible.

FlashRouters will upgrade your router of choice with the a recent, stable VPN-ready open-source firmware. Your router will ship within 1-2 business days after flashing and testing with a setup guide, Internet/VPN Setup support (upgradable to a year during purchase) from our networking experts, and a warranty. And remember that with our FlashRouters you are not locked in to a VPN service. Our routers work with any VPN service that supports DD-WRT or Tomato routers.

Have Questions About FlashRouters?

Open a support ticket or contact our live chat between 11 AM-7PM EST by clicking the support button on the left hand side of every page on the site.

For more DD-WRT or Tomato Router & VPN Service Provider info, product updates, and limited-time specials, follow us on Twitter @flashrouters or like us on Facebook.

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