Free US Shipping & Holiday Tomato Savings: $30 off Linksys E1200 Tomato or RT-N66U (RM)


Expecting Something Nice From Santa?

As the holidays have come and gone and new gadgets are make their way into home or small office networks across the globe, ensure your network is prepared. A better wireless router is one of the best fits you can get someone. I mean what do people use more often in their home than their router.

Whether they are surfing the web, chatting with friends, streaming Netflix on their Roku 3 or Amazon Instant through their SmartTV. It all starts with the router. So relieve someone today of the “lag-rage” that comes with an overworked and under performing wireless router with a FlashRouter!

Post-Holiday Specials

These are instant savings, no coupon code, no nothing. So snag one while you can. Offer ends Jan 17, 2014.

#1 – Free USPS Priority shipping to any US address. (No coupon code needed)

#2 – $30 off either our top-selling economy router E1200 Tomato, the high-end Wireless-N Asus RT-N66U-RM, or one of our latest & great Next-gen Wireless-AC Netgear R6300 V1-RM (Factory Recertified units). (No coupon code needed)

These are VPN ready (if that’s what you are into) and have a recent, tested, stable build of Tomato or DD-WRT firmware installed for your pleasure. Ready to grab yours and save? Just click below or head over to our Deals page.

E1200 Tomato Shibby Firmware Router

E1200 Tomato Firmware Router

E1200 Tomato – Regular Price $119.95 , Now $69.95

Asus RT-N66U-RM – Regular Price $279.95, Now $199.95

JUST ADDED – Netgear R6300 V1 Wireless-AC DD-WRT – Regular Price $279.95, Now $249.95

Want to learn more about the basics of Tomato firmware and the advantages over standard firmware? We’ve got a video for that too.

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