FlashRouter Bonus Deal: Write a Review, Get a $5 Credit from FlashRouters

We’re very pleased with the community of customers and users we’ve established. It makes us feel good knowing that people are benefiting from the open-source routers we provide here at FlashRouters.

And we want to maintain that bond between us and our customers, which is why we work hard to make sure you know that you’re appreciated. In that spirit, FlashRouters is happy to announce a new program designed to reward users who take on a more interactive role in the FlashRouters universe.

FlashRouters Product Review Discount

Write A Review, Get a $5 Credit!

It’s as simple as that header: if you’re willing to take the time to share your thoughts and give us the feedback we need to maintain our standards of customer service, then we’re more than happy to reward your efforts.

It is not our thing to send out follow up e-mails and pester and beg. We just hope a little incentive will make it something users that want to share their experience even more likely to do it. We know you’re busy and this is our way of saying thanks.

So if you’ve purchased a FlashRouter, or a FlashRouter product, and created an account, we want to hear from you. Let other customers know how your FlashRouters purchase has performed, and we’ll credit the account you paid with $5. All that’s required is having a FlashRouters account, and you can contribute to this new program.

The easiest way to write a review is to log in to your account and then visit a product page and submit a review. It takes less than 5 minutes. $5 for 5 minutes of your time!

Your feedback is the backbone of FlashRouters. We do what we do because we want to improve the security, versatility, and power of our customer’s wireless networks, and we can do our jobs even better if we’re hearing from you. So write a review and share your experience. Everybody wins!

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