WATCH: How To Improve Wireless Signal By Changing Router’s Transmission (Tx) Power

FlashRouters Tomato & DD-WRT Routers

FlashRouters Tomato & DD-WRT Routers

In recent weeks, we’ve shown you videos on how to pick the right WiFi channel for your DD-WRT or Tomato router, the benefits and features of Tomato firmware, the benefits of DD-WRT firmware, and how to set up Overplay VPN on your DD-WRT FlashRouter. We’d like to think these videos have been helpful to our customers and readers, so unless we hear otherwise, we’re going to keep showing ways to improve your network.

Our latest video should be particularly helpful for people looking for ways to change their router’s transmission power. Note that we didn’t say “increase” their router’s transmission power, nor “decrease” because, as the video explains, “if you’re trying to manage multiple routers in a congested area, decreasing the power will decrease the overall noise and interference.”

Conversely, “if you’re suffering from a weak signal, increasing your transmission power can help boost it.”  So if you’ve got a DD-WRT or Tomato FlashRouter, and you’re looking to alter the device’s transmission power in one direction or the other, please give this video a look, and learn how to make your WiFi network that much more powerful.

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