Seed4.Me Joins the FlashRouters Supported VPN Providers

Seed4.Me Joins the FlashRouters Team

Seed4.Me Joins the FlashRouters Team

Over the past year, FlashRouters has added many vpn service partnerships with the likes of EarthVPN, IVPN,, and, among several others. Well, once again, we’ve expanded our Official Supported VPN Service Provider list.

The latest VPN service provider to join the FlashRouters team is Seed4.Me, which distinguishes itself in many unique ways from its competitors, but most importantly by billing itself as a “Private VPN Club”. What does that mean for you, the prospective VPN client? Well, read on below and find out.

Meet Seed4.Me VPN Club

Seed4.Me is not yet a year old, and this excellent VPN service provider has already made quite a name for itself in the VPN community.

Seed4.Me VPN

Seed4.Me VPN

As we mentioned above, Seed4.Me is not your average VPN service provider, but rather a closed Private VPN Club. This means that, in addition being an exclusively PTPP-connection VPN service provider, membership needs to be attained and that only invited members can join the club. More invitations open up as Seed4.Me adds more servers.

Seed4.Me takes this approach because it allows them greater control over their connection quality. And because of that quality control, all of their users are automatically connected to the highest performance server in their server infrastructure, which includes the U.S., the U.K. the Netherlands, and Hong Kong.

And, as with any superlative VPN service provider, Seed4.Me’s servers are incredibly well encrypted, ensuring that any user is guaranteed increased network security, as well as the ability to traverse the entire spectrum of the internet. Geographic restrictions on websites will no longer be a concern for you with the help of Seed4.Me.

Seed4.Me offers a free trial for its invited users, so if you decide it isn’t the VPN for you, you can cancel your service free of charge. In fact, we can offer a 7-day membership to their private VPN club with any FlashRouters purchase. What more could you want?

The Advantages of a FlashRouter for Seed4.Me

If you’re already a Seed4.Me member and were redirected here one way or another, perhaps you’re not familiar with what it is that FlashRouters can do for you. Well, allow us to introduce ourselves…

Ever since we formed this company over two years ago, FlashRouters has been devoted to proving consumers with top-of-the-line routers that place an emphasis on versatility, power, and security. We ensure that every FlashRouter achieves this goal by flashing them with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, open-source replacement firmwares that greatly expand the functionality of any router they grace. Using a DD-WRT or Tomato router, you can extend your wireless range, control the allocation of your bandwidth, and access a wider variety of security options.

Seed4.Me E2500 Economy Dual Band Router

Seed4.Me E2500 Economy Dual Band Router

So, aside from all of the extra security options a FlashRouter provides, we can also improve your VPN experience. Every FlashRouter comes equipped with built-in VPN connectivity, which makes the process of utilizing your VPN that much simpler. If you specifically buy a Seed4.Me FlashRouter, your device will come tailored out of the box to work with your Seed4.Me network!

Our expert technicians work round the clock to ensure that every customized device is flashed, configured, and tested to our customer’s specifications. No need to worry about tricky installations and bricked routers; FlashRouters is here to do the tough work for you.

So head on over to our Seed4.Me router page and set up a safe network today!

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