VIDEO: How to Pick the Right WiFi Channel for Your DD-WRT or Tomato Router

TomatoUSB Advanced Wireless Setup

Advanced Wireless Options – Tomato Router

At FlashRouters, we pride ourselves on offering the finest DD-WRT and Tomato router available, and even though these devices are ready to revolutionize your network right out of the box, we want to make sure our users are getting the most out of them.

One way to boost your router’s performance is to pick the right WiFi channel. If your router’s signal is coming from a crowded channel, you might find that its performance is a bit lackluster, as regular household items like cordless telephones and even microwaves can create WiFi interference.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy video for you, which walks the viewer through the steps of picking the least crowded WiFi channel available to him or her. Using inSSIDer (a free program), you’ll be able to gain greater visibility of the contours of your wireless network and see “the security, signal strength, MAC address, and channel of all access points in your area,” as their site advertises.

Of course, once you’ve selected the right WiFi channel for you, you’ve still got to change your router’s settings, so please stay tuned for this whole video, and learn how to optimize your network’s performance.


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