Benefits of Tomato Open Source Firmware & Top Features [Video]

Tomato Firmware

Tomato Firmware

Along with DD-WRT, Tomato open source firmware is a popular alternative to a router’s stock firmware. Tomato offer users a variety of new tools and features in addition to a much greater level of control and customization over their router. Your wireless range and security options are a lot more negotiable than you might have previously thought.

As we’ve been seeing too much lately, a router’s default firmware can be fairly limited, and leave your network open to catastrophic backdoor attacks. It’s time to make the move to a device flashed with Tomato.

To get a quick intro on Tomato firmware and it’s handy feature-set, we put together a helpful video for you to enjoyIn the video below, we demonstrate some of Tomato’s top features and how it differs from the stock firmware, using the Asus RT-AC3200 Tomato router, one of our most powerful and versatile routers. We think you’ll agree that the benefits of owning a router upgraded with Tomato firmware practically speak for themselves.

The full list of Tomato features is far too lengthy to print in full, but some of Tomato’s best and most noteworthy features include:

  • Easy Open VPN client integration and private VPN creation, simplifying the process of utilizing your VPN to its full potential

  • The ability to perform Wireless Surveys of local potential wireless signal interference.

  • WiFi hotspot creation

  • NEW: Open source firmware upgrade notifications.

To get a more complete picture of the full advantages of Tomato firmware, visit the What is Tomato Firmware page. Ready to fortify your network with a Tomato Router today? Check out the full line of Tomato FlashRouters.
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