How To Setup The Overplay VPN MyPage On Your DD-WRT FlashRouter (VIDEO)

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One of the best advantages to using a DD-WRT-enabled FlashRouter is the ease with which you can connect to a Overplay VPN account. Doing so allows all your devices to connect through the secure VPN, including mobile devices and gaming devices.

Overplay VPN has long been one of our most popular VPN service provider set-up requests, and not without good reason. The exceptional VPN service provider offers terrific international coverage, and is one of the easiest to use. Once Overplay is setup with its simple to use MyPage in a FlashRouter, you can connect any streaming device you choose from SmartTVs to iPads to Roku 3s to PS3s and all will be instantly utilizing the amazing unblocking power of Overplay VPN. This is ideal for users looking to access Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Instant Prime & ESPN among many others from outside the USA.

To see the simplicity of Overplay VPN in action on a DD-WRT FlashRouter, watch our latest FlashRouter FAQ Video below. Once you see it, it will be hard to not consider snapping up an Overplay FlashRouter today!

Please note that currently the Overplay Mypage function only works on DD-WRT routers, so please choose a DD-WRT model to utilize this fantastic application.

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