Free WiFi Across New York City?

Widespread Wireless Coming to New York

Widespread Wireless Coming to New York

Here’s some news that should make all of our fellow New Yorkers happy; starting in December, free public wireless coverage will be expanded across the five boroughs, according to Yahoo News.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that, through local government funding and private contributions, free web access will be brought to neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx. Local government funding will account for $900,000 of the money spent on this project, with the bulk of the funding ($3.4 million) coming from the private sector.

Bloomberg says this plan is designed to support the business community of New York (you know, like everything he’s done as Mayor): “If New York City is going to remain competitive in the global economy, we must find ways to support the entrepreneurs who are driving technological advances and creating jobs.”

There. That should calm anyone down who was worried that New York would, for whatever reason, stop being an important facet in the global economy.

This “wireless corridor” will expand on the already existent free internet zones in 20 parks and parts of Chelsea in lower Manhattan. Who knows? Maybe even the wireless on subways plan will pick up some steam.

Of course, as we’ve reminded you time and again, public wifi zones are notoriously unsafe for people interested in keeping their personal info (e-mails and credit card numbers) out of the hands of malevolent forces, so bear that in mind when you’re taking advantage of this new service.

If you want to prepare for properly securing your data for this free WiFi barrage, make sure you do your VPN service research or take a look at a list of the most popular VPN service providers.

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