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FlashRouters Videos - What is DD-WRT?

Firmware is the operating system (like Windows or Mac OS) on your router that is often limited in features by the manufacturer. Why would they do this? So they can sell business users more expensive routers with the same hardware with more features available in the firmware. That is not he we work at FlashRouters. We unlock a router’s full potential by installing a feature-rich version of popular alternative firmware options like DD-WRT.

In our inaugural FlashRouters video, using the Linksys E4200 we’ll highlight a few of the top features and show you how DD-WRT differs from a router’s default/stock firmware.

Watch the video below to learn more about the best upgrades from DD-WRT:

Why Choose FlashRouters for Your Wireless Router Needs?

The difference in installing firmware from a regular operating system is that it must installed with a special process called flashing due to the small amount of memory featured in a router. A certain file must be sent a certain way at the right time to unlock the great wireless router features on DD-WRT and this is our specialty.

Much of the growing interest in DD-WRT as an open-source firmware solution for your router is because it vastly expands the possibilities of what users can do with their router. Just like updating your operating system can be a big change for your computer, a router with better firmware can overhaul your network in stability, power and control you have over your Internet connection, your WiFi, your personal information/privacy with integrated VPN and so much more.

Here’s just a few of the top DD-WRT firmware added features:

  • Compatible with the most popular VPN services – Integrated OpenVPN, PPTP & L2TP Client connection options.
  • Upgraded stability. No more constant rebooting
  • Advanced Router Modes: Wireless Client Bridge, Wireless Repeater, WDS.
  • OpenVPN Setup Options.
  • Advanced Internet Access Policies: Limit network & activities for guests, children or family members.
  • QOS Prioritization: For popular gaming, sharing and streaming services from Netflix to BitTorrent to World of Warcraft.
  • Restrict Internet availability by time or user: Stop household members from hogging bandwidth or staying up to late on a school night.
  • Advanced networking functionality: Repeater/Wireless Extender, WDS, Access Point.
  • Various WiFi Hotspot creation services and integration like Sputnik, HotSpot, & Nocatsplash for creating Free WiFi Hotspots for your business or office.

Ready for a router upgrade? Check out our full list of our top DD-WRT WiFi routers at out Best DD-WRT Firmware Routers List.

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