Rakuten Bringing a New Streaming Service in the UK

A New Streaming Service Is Coming to the UK

A New Streaming Service Is Coming to the UK

Well, UK friends, we hope you’re not getting fatigued by too many new streaming services, because a Japanese megacompany called Rakuten is intent on bringing a new one your way.

RedShark News is reporting that Rakuten, who bought the Spanish streaming video company, Wuaki, is planning on bringing that service to the UK. This is Rakuten’s first step in bringing Wuaki all over Europe.

Of course, you cord-cutters know your streaming services by now; you know what recommends Netflix over Hulu and vice versa. So you might be wondering if you really need another new streaming service clogging up your Roku or Apple TV. While we can’t say we’ve had the opportunity to try Wuaki, there are elements about it that impress us. For starters, it combines the subscription-based streaming element of Netflix and Roku with the ability to rent new movies and television, like Vudu.

Their collection doesn’t seem half-bad either. According to RedShark News, ” Wuaki.tv’s catalogue includes content from major Hollywood Studios, including Warner Bros. Disney, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, and major UK and international distributors, including the BBC.”

And, as an extra incentive to new potential users in the UK, Wuaki is offering a lifelong 50% discount on the monthly fee to their first 75,000 subscribers. That’s right; lifelong. Sounds like this company is into making serious relationships with their customers.

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