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We here at FlashRouters have enjoyed helping cord-cutters out, highlighting Roku channels and streaming services that help ease the transition out of a cable-based lifestyle. There’s no denying that, with the right media box and the right subscriptions to the right streaming services, you can cut your cable bill in half, and without regret.

But there are some TV-watching traditions and habits that may be harder to break than others. The nightly news has been a family staple since the popularization of television, and that dinner-time routine isn’t so easy to shake.

Roku knows this, so, aside from offering channels for movies & television, music, and sports, they offer a wide array of news channels that should please any member of your family, no matter their political leanings. And we’re going to look at some of the best below…

Best Roku Channels for News

Best Roku Channels for News: Sky News

Best Roku Channels for News: Sky News

Sky News – Let’s start with one of the most recent additions to the Roku lineup: Sky News has already made a serious name for itself among the many news channels available for Roku users. Offering service to the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland, Sky News keeps the candle burning at all hours. In addition to their 24-hour streaming coverage, Sky News also features a deep well of archived news coverage. Though they operate out of the UK, you need not be on that side of the Atlantic to appreciate Sky News terrific service.

NBC News – NBC News needs no boosting from us; you know NBC News; you’ve probably watched some version of it in your household, so you know they’re not going to offer some rinky-dink Roku channel.  Sure enough, the NBC News channel is thoroughly professional and comprehensive, offering clips of TODAY, Meet the Press, Nightly News, and plenty of other staples. And since MSNBC is a part of the NBC family, you can also get access to clips from Morning Joe, and The Rachel Maddow Show. Adding this one to your channel line-up is a no-brainer.

Weather Underground – And, of course, if you’re trying to replace your cable package, you’re going to need to be able to get the weather from somewhere. For that, we recommend going with Weather Underground. Don’t let the name fool you; they’re not a radical sixties group. Rather, Weather Underground simply bring you “Weather information for any location including current conditions, forecast, satellite, radar, weather warnings, and web cams” on a simple, easy-to-navigate page. What more could you ask?

The Street – If it’s business and financial news that’s most important to you, then The Street is tough to beat. This digital media company offers constantly updated stock market news, analysis, and advice on investing, finance, and business. Whether you’re a layman or incredibly knowledgeable on these categories, The Street has something to offer you.

NewsLook – Though the clips on this channel tend to be preceded by ads (no matter how short the length of the clip), NewsLook makes up for that issue with extensive world coverage. The channel employs thousands of journalists located in 150 countries around the world covering every kind of topic you can hope for. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of world news, then look no further.

Democracy Now! – For those of you who do not subscribe to either of the major political parties in the US, Democracy Now! is the choice for you. The channel bills itself thusly: “Democracy Now! is a rationale, daily, independent, award- winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.” As their website similarly displays, Democracy Now! disdains lazy, group-think journalism in favor of thoughtful analysis and careful reporting. Add some variety to your Roku news palate.

Best Roku Channels for News: NowThisNews

Best Roku Channels for News: NowThisNews

Wall Street Journal Live – Similar to NBC News, this is a good channel to add if you want to have at least a couple of trustworthy news reporting standards among the other, younger, upstart channels. Wall Street Journal Live is exactly as professional and efficient as you’d expect, bringing you the sort of seasoned reporting that only a stalwart news organization can offer.

Fox News Channel – Though the former Fox News Roku channel offered streaming of the web-based Fox News Live, the newer version of the same channel offers constant live streaming of Fox News Radio. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Fox News Channel if it didn’t offer clips of popular personalities such as Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Greta Van Susteren, as well as clips organized neatly by topic (World, Politics, Opinion, etc.).

HuffPost Live – HuffPost Live may not run new material all day every day, but 10 AM -10 PM ET, Monday through Friday ain’t bad at all. During those hours, HuffPost Live takes good advantage of the medium, running the feed from the HuffPost Live website on the Roku channel so that there’s an influx of material coming into your Roku. The stories that get covered on HuffPost Live tend to be the most popular ones currently being covered on the original Huffington Post. The other hours are filled with already recorded material, so there’s always something there to watch.

NowThisNews – NowThisNews distinguishes itself from other news-based Roku channels by being the first exclusively digital news network. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that this channel, in addition to covering the usual politics and world news stories, keeps a steady stream of video content for more popular categories like Viral, Sci/Tech, and Food. Definitely worth adding to your channel list if you’re looking for news delivered with a modern edge.

Sports by blinkx – Though we already covered all of the best Roku channels for sports in a prior post, we’d be remiss if we didn’t offer at least one suggestion for people who are looking for sports news coverage. On this front, we recommend going with Sports by blinkx. There are better channels if you’re strictly looking for clips and highlights of a specific sport, but if you want all-encompassing sports coverage, complete with clips, recaps, and highlights aggregated from a variety of content producers, then Sports by blinkx is definitely the way to go.

Summing Up the Top Roku News Channels

At FlashRouters are firmly in the camp that believes a pricey cable package is an unnecessary expense, though we understand that there are elements about having a traditional television experience that still have some appeal (as of this writing, there is still one episode of Breaking Bad left, after all, and paying for episodes a la carte does have it’s drawbacks). Nonetheless, getting your news from cable television is an increasingly outdated and unreliable activity. Stations manically filling 24-hours of airtime and competing for a dwindling viewership do not always make the best journalistic decisions.

We feel the one-time expense of purchasing a Roku is easily the smarter choice, especially considering how quickly Roku’s channel library expands. And, as we demonstrated above, you can get top-notch news coverage any time of the day with your Roku. Sticking with archaic and costly mediums just because they’re familiar is not the best way to spend your time or money. The time to switch is now.

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