World’s Worst Person Hijacks Baby Monitor, Says Awful Things to Two-Year-Old

Baby Monitors Now Vulnerable to Hacking

Baby Monitors Now Vulnerable to Hacking

Well, here’s something thoroughly horrifying: some depraved creep hacked into the baby monitor belonging to a family in suburban Houston, Texas and said some truly disturbing things to a sleeping two-year-old, CNN and CBS Houston report.

The father, Marc Gilbert, told CNN affiliate KTRK that the hacker was heard saying “‘Wake up Allyson, you little slut.” When Gilbert and his wife Lauren arrived in the room, the camera turned to them, at which point the attacker called Gilbert a stupid moron and his wife a bitch. Naturally, Gilbert unplugged the camera. The attacker likely read the two-year-old’s name off the wall in her bedroom.

The hacker, who apparently had a British or European accent according to Gilbert, has yet to be caught. Fortunately, Allyson wasn’t exposed to these terrible comments because she was born deaf and her cochlear implant was taken out while she slept, something that’s both a silver lining and adds another unsettling and tragic element to this story.

What To Do To Prevent Baby Monitor Hacking

This is the sort of thing that would disturb any right-thinking person, and at FlashRouters, we are devoted to informing people about the dangers inherent in any web-based device. Obviously, we acknowledge that this is an incredibly rare story, and we hope we never hear another one like it again, but whether it’s avoiding a creepy incident like this, or keeping your e-mails safe, we want you to know that there are basic steps you can take.

As we’ve mentioned many times before, VPNs are the way to go. Signing up with a VPN service provider makes your online data untrackable by hackers and identity thieves. When you log in to your VPN network, all of your information is tunneled through encrypted servers located all over the world. This means that hackers have zero access to your data, whether it’s credit card numbers or web-based baby monitor information.

Popular VPNs include ExpressVPN, HideMyAss VPN, NordVPNIPVanish VPN, and PrivateInternetAccess VPN. FlashRouters also offers a new VPN provider comparison list to help you find the VPN that best suits your needs.

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