Don’t Get Caught Between Time Warner & CBS: Cut the Cable Cord!

CBS NY Website

CBS NY Website

If you’re a Time Warner Cable customer in a major city, you’re probably more than familiar with their ongoing feud with CBS, and you’re probably sick of it. For the unfamiliar, here’s a quick recap:

Time Warner Cable has cut off CBS in select markets because CBS is requesting, by TWC’s standards, outrageous retransmission fees. That’s it. Told you it’d be quick.

The effect of this spat is that TWC customers in cities like NYC, Dallas, and L.A.  have been unable to catch the Bridgestone Invitational, or 60 Minutes, or any other CBS programming for the past few days. Depending on how long this stand-off goes, this could eventually affect the way viewers enjoy their NFL football.

What Can Time Warner Cable Subscribers Do?

For their part, CBS and TWC are handling this pretty much the way you’d expect, which is to say they’re publicly blaming each other. So while this ugliness drags on with no end in sight, we thought it might be the perfect time to sign on with Yahoo’s recent suggestion and remind you that there is a way to completely stay out of this skirmish altogether: cord cutting

It’s really that simple. Your cable bills haven’t been getting any lower, have they? And there’s plenty (we promise you, PLENTY) of alternative ways to get your fix of movies and television without having to pay exorbitant fees to cable companies, especially ones that can’t keep all of their channels in line. Even James Dolan, the CEO of CableVision, is on board, saying that he rarely watches TV, and when he does, it’s Netflix. The time for cord cutting is now.

And we’re here to help you. Aside from carrying Rokus and Apple TVs and other streaming media devices that carry Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, and other channels, we offer routers that ensure a flawless streaming experience. At FlashRouters, all of our routers are powerful devices that have been flashed with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, replacement firmwares that super-charge routers and allow the user more maneuverability. You can manage how your bandwidth is allocated and make streaming media priority one.

How To Watch with Time Warner?

In fact, since TWC is blocking as well, you can even use our routers to get around that issue. Using a VPN (or Virtual Private Network), you can bypass geographical restrictions on websites (VPNs are also incredibly helpful for increased online security, but that’s a topic for another day). Our routers come equipped with built-in VPN connectivity, thus allowing you to be VPN-compatible the minute the device comes out of the box! Check out our VPN provider comparison list to find the right one for you.

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