Watch Germany’s New Streaming Service, Watchever, From Wherever

Watch Watchever From Wherever

Watch Watchever From Wherever

We’ve made a point of keeping our customers and readers in touch with all of the ways in which they can enjoy streaming media, from pointing out ways to watch Netflix all over the world, to highlighting other sites that lack the worldwide name recognition that Netflix enjoys.

But while there are many people who aren’t yet familiar with Hulu, or Crackle, or are unaware about free streaming movies on YouTube, we bet there are countless more who’ve never heard of Watchever. And unless you’re living in Germany, frankly, why would you have heard of it?

So while a streaming media service exclusively available in Germany seemingly only has a niche appeal, there are reasons why people outside of Germany might want to sit up and take notice. And we’re going to tell you about them below…

What Is Watchever?

Take note, Apple TV owners; you’ve got another one up on Roku users. For as about ten bucks a month, you can have access to this exclusive new streaming service, available only in Germany, and accessible on Apple TV, smart TVs, games consoles, tablets, computers and smartphones.

As described by CEO Cedric Ponsot in an interview with telecoms, Watchever “is a subscription video on demand service that was launched in Germany in early 2013.” Within months, this site has become extraordinarily popular within the one country where it’s available.

And it’s easy to see why: Watchever offers a wide variety of film and television options, some of which eclipse Netflix’s offerings. Quite famously, you can’t get anything from HBO’s back or current catalogue of shows. Watchever has Flight of the Conchords, Rome, Entourage, Band of Brothers, The Wire, and The Sopranos.

Obviously, that’s not quite as much HBO content as HBO GO, but certainly nothing to sneeze at, especially when Watchever rounds out their programming with a variety of other great shows like Lost, Friends, Twin Peaks, Weeds, Californication, Sherlock, and Mad Men, as well as great movie choices like There Will Be Blood, Amelie, The Big Lebowski, Cool Hand Luke, Doctor Zhivago, Three Kings, and many, many more.

Basically, you’re combining a lot of the best elements of Netflix and HBO GO into one streaming media package, which could conceivably cut the number of subscriptions to streaming media services that you need. Or you could just add one more for not much extra cost. At least, you could do that if you were in Germany…

How Can I Watch WatchEver Outside of Germany?

But there are ways around geographically restricted content. Simple and completely affordable ways even. And they offer the added benefit of ensuring your online security!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: VPNs are the way to go.

A VPN service, or Virtual Private Network service, is a subscription-based system that allows you to encrypt all of your online information whenever you log into it by tunneling your data through encrypted servers located all over the world. This makes your personal information (such as credit card numbers you may have entered on Amazon, sensitive e-mails) untraceable for online spies and identity thieves that are all too prevalent in this day and age.

That is, of course, the primary purpose of a VPN service provider. One of the great ancillary benefits of these services is that it allows you basically trick your computer into thinking it’s in a completely different part of the world. When you log in to your VPN, you’re given the option to choose your server, which are spread all over the world. Choose a German VPN server, and your computer will be given a German IP Address, thus making it think it’s in Germany and allowing you to access sites that are only accessible to computers located in Germany.

Using VPNs put Watchever right at your fingertips anywhere you may go. Popular German VPN service providers for German IP addresses include IPVanish VPN, NordVPNHideMyAss VPN, EarthVPN, NordVPN, and PrivateInternetAccess VPN. FlashRouters also offers a new VPN provider comparison list to help you find the VPN that best suits your needs.

How Can FlashRouters Help Me?

FlashRouters Offers VPN-Friendly Routers

FlashRouters Offers VPN-Friendly Routers

While we certainly enjoy helping people out and pointing them in the direction of worthwhile channels and ways to enjoy them, we have to admit that we have a bit of a dog in this fight too. It’s our personal feeling that if one is going to take advantage of the services offered by streaming media sites and VPNs, the best way to get the most out of these services is with a FlashRouter.

Our devices are flashed with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, replacement firmwares designed to super-charge already powerful routers and make them more adaptable and easier to use at their full capacity. And these firmwares offer built-in VPN connectivity, thus saving you the trouble of installing the VPN installation software on your own, a difficult, time-consuming process that can lead to bricked routers. DD-WRT is preferred for users looking for PPTP and Tomato firmware is the premiere way to connect with OpenVPN.

Another benefit of using a FlashRouter with your VPN is that our devices allow you to connect multiple devices to the same VPN account, thus preventing the need for multiple VPN accounts to accommodate the laptop, iPad, desktop, iPhone, etc. in your house. And if you use our popular dual-router set-up, you’ll be able to switch back and forth between your local account (for day-to-day local networking) and your VPN (for increased security and accessing geographically restricted material) with absolute ease.

Some of our most popular routers include the Linksys WRT1900ACS DD-WRT FashRouter, which basically took the speed of our previously fastest router and doubled it! And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our pride and joy, Netgear Nighthawk R7800 DD-WRT FlashRouter, an absolute beast designed to make all other routers shudder in its wake.

Aside from those choices, you might want to take a gander at our most recent list of popular routers and VPN service provider set-ups here.

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