WiFi in Your Tooth? We Don’t See Why Not

The WiFi Tooth

The WiFi Tooth

Last week, we got a peak at what the world would look like if WiFi were visible, and much to our surprise, it was kind of beautiful; nowhere near the eyesore we were expecting. Yet even though that WiFi scenario was strictly hypothetical, it did get our minds wandering about the way WiFi has become such a dominant force, even a non-negotiable right to some.

Well, it turns out our imaginations are pretty limited, because even last week we’d have laughed at the idea of something as invasive as WiFi in your mouth. Yet here we are, a week later, reporting on an artificial tooth that features WiFi.

Yes, you heard right; an artificial tooth that features WiFi. The Telegraph is reporting that scientists in Taiwan are developing this tooth to monitor the sort of habits that people want to monitor, such as eating, drinking, smoking, and even speaking. The tooth is intended to be worn like a denture and will collect data that will then be sent to a computer or smartphone via Bluetooth or a WiFi transmitter.

We’d personally be a bit hesitant to have our eating, drinking, or speaking habits precisely monitored (particularly speaking, but particularly eating), but the scientists in charge of developing this tooth foresee some genuinely beneficial uses for it; doctors can use it to monitor the eating habits of patients who are in dire need of losing weight; it can be used to monitor breathing patterns, or it can even be used to help people with speech defects.

So we say why not? Why not cede this last piece of internet-free real estate (your mouth) for the sake of improving your health? We here at FlashRouters approve!

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