IPVanish Coupon Code: Get 3 Months of Free VPN Service from IPVanish VPN!

Updated: Oct. 24, 2014

IPVanish has long been a favorite of the FlashRouter faithful. Recently, we added support for IPVanish OpenVPN FlashRouters to our roster (and DD-WRT OpenVPN for IPVanish), and we already have some more good news for IPVanish users: we’ve once again teamed up with IPVanish, the fastest US VPN service, to give you an unbeatable bargain.

The IPVanish FlashRouters Deal

  1. Buy a FlashRouter customized for IPVanish and use the coupon code ipvanish to get $5 off any IPVanish specific router.
  2. Visit this link to IPVanish.
    • Subscribe with coupon code FLASH90 – Receive three extra months of free VPN service from IPVanish for a 3 or 12 month VPN plan! Turn three months into six months or a year into 15 months on the spot. (If you are a current subscriber, the coupon code will not work but you can contact us and if we verify a router purchase, we can have the 3 months added to your subscription).
    • Just want to go month to month? Subscribe with coupon code FLASH15 and get 15% each month for a year. No long-term commitment!
  3. Have a high-speed fully encrypted router ready to be used alone or in tandem to your current network. Fast VPN service, hands-on support and $30+ extra bucks in your pocket. Who couldn’t use a few extra dollars!!

Customized FlashRouters for IPVanish Users

So now that you’re more familiar with IPVanish, it’s time to get into the benefits of owning either an IPVanish Tomato FlashRouter or an IPVanish DD-WRT FlashRouter.

At FlashRouters, our goal is to make routers that run like no other. That’s why we flash all of our devices with Tomato or DD-WRT firmware, replacement firmwares that supercharge already powerful routers. Using routers flashed with Tomato or DD-WRT allows users unprecedented levels of control over their security options, bandwidth, and wireless range.

IPVanish VPN Dual Router Setup Image

The IPVanish FlashRouter Dual Router Setup

Are you traveling overseas for a business deal, as a journalist, as part of the military/government, or retiring with a trip around the world? If you want continual access to your favorite streaming services on all your devices in the US and UK, using a FlashRouter is the easiest way to accomplish this task; just set it up and connect. Your iPad will be where you want it to be in no time.

With an IPVanish Tomato router or IPVanish DD-WRT router, your router will be pre-configured to connect to your IPVanish account right out of the box. Connect multiple devices to one VPN account, eliminating the need for multiple VPN subscriptions to cover your iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, etc. Moreover, using our built-in dual-router set-up option can allow you to easily switch back and forth between your VPN (advanced security options and bypass regional restrictions) and your local network (for day-to-day/local use). And, of course, we save you the trouble of installing the VPN-connection firmware on your own, which is time-consuming and tricky to find a fully working solution, and often leads to bricked routers.

Asus RT-N66U Tomato Now Available for IPVanish Users

Best VPN Tomato Router – Asus RT-N66U from IPVanish and FlashRouters

Best IPVanishVPN DD-WRT & TomatoUSB Routers

Choosing an IPVanish FlashRouter can be a bit tricky as well, but that’s only because there are so many good options.

An Overview of IPVanish VPN

For those unfamiliar with IPVanish, it’s past time to learn about one of the fastest US VPN services available. An IPVanish subscription is an unrestricted ticket to a more secure and unblocked Internet.

In addition to tremendous performance speeds, IPVanish has consistently offered incredibly wide-ranging global coverage to their customers, having recently passed the 100-server mark. IPVanish users now have access to over 7000 IP addresses in 44 countries including some of the fastest speeds for VPN users looking for US IP addresses!

Because of this jaw-dropping coverage, IPVanish is an absolute force for the cause of increased internet freedom and security. With IPVanish in your corner, there’s no need to worry about being tracked online, having your personal information (like credit card numbers and e-mails) compromised by hackers or identity thieves, or being shut out of certain websites due to arbitrary regional restrictions.

Recently, IPVanish has also focused their energy on better service and speeds in Asia especially in China to make sure VPN service is available and working behind the “great firewall.”

So revolutionize your WiFi network with one of these powerful networking devices, and get three extra months of free IPVanish service with a VPN coupon code from to boot! Premium routers, premium VPN service, and premium support. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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