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FlashRouters now supports IVPN, one of the leaders of online privacy for foreign journalists and dignitaries. In light of recent revelations about the NSA’s domestic spying program PRISM, ongoing Wikileaks drama, and brutally repressive international governments stifling of dissent, we can’t be grateful enough for the existence of VPNs as diligent and dedicated to internet privacy and freedom as IVPN.

This stalwart virtual private network service provider stands tall as a beacon lighting the way to a safer online environment, where your private information is inaccessible to nefarious actors, and your browsing habits are hidden from prying eyes. And we stand proudly with them.

At FlashRouters, we’ve made no secret about our operational goals; to allow internet denizens to roam freely, unbounded by arbitrary regional restrictions, and free from fear of malevolent hackers and identity thieves. With this in mind, we’re happy to announce our addition of IVPN to our supported VPN services, offering routers pre-flashed with firmware that makes the IVPN users experience as hassle-free as can be imagined.

No matter if you’re a prospective VPN subscriber or current IVPN user, let us tell you what we do here at FlashRouters. A FlashRouter is a networking centerpiece primed to greatly enhance the capabilities and flexibility of your wireless network in a variety of ways.

Aside from boosting the speed, power, and adaptability of your network, a FlashRouter allows the user to enjoy the benefits of a VPN on any wireless device you can imagine, whether it’s an iPhone, Roku, BlackBerry, Apple TV, iPad, laptop, desktop, Samsungs, or Android device. How do we do this? By pre-installing open-source firmware like DD-WRT on all of our popular router models prior to shipment.

Use IVPN to Access your favorite streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, NBA, Vudu, BBC and more.

What’s more, a FlashRouter allows you to connect multiple devices to one VPN connection. Our routers ship standardized and ready to be utilized in our popular dual router set-up (pictured above), with which you will have constant local and VPN connections at the ready in minutes! So head over to our IVPN router section and grab the piece of mind that will revolutionize your network and keep your information safe, protected and encrypted in the process.

Here are just a few of our recommended DD-WRT routers for IVPN.

Linksys WRT3200ACM AC3200 DD-WRT Router – A high-end router for high-end VPN performance.

Netgear R6400V2 DD-WRT Router – Lightning fast speeds brought to you by 8 internal antennas.

Advantages of IVPN

Now that we’ve explained the benefits of using a FlashRouter if you’re a user of IVPN premium VPN service, allow us to explain a little more about what IVPN does. Though there are plenty of VPNs out there and all of them are committed to providing a safe online experience, IVPN distinguishes itself with their absolutely resolute devotion to customer privacy.

In fact, IVPN’s not even technically a VPN, as their website explains: “VPN services rent servers and then resell their bandwidth to you, that’s their business model. Privacy and security is more often an afterthought. We’re focused purely on providing a privacy service and that means security is at the heart of everything we do.”

IVPN Multi-hop locational security

A perfect resource for foreign journalists, researchers and investigators, human rights activists, and business travelers, IVPN has demonstrated an unmatchable ability to keep you from “being watched, tracked, monitored & recorded online.” IVPN offers encrypted VPN connection service to over 150 countries all over the world, and you can be certain that if you’re an IVPN customer, their exclusive Multihop network will keep your information utterly untraceable. Multihop transfers your connection through multiple servers and sites to make even more thoroughly scrambled and protected.

And now that you can get a FlashRouter with open-source firmware, customized for IVPN users, there’s nothing holding you back from having a uniquely unrestricted and jaw-droppingly fast internet experience from anywhere in the world. FlashRouters is an all-in-one, open-source DD-WRT stop.

Our technicians procure the correct model and versions of the router, then handle the hassle of flashing, configuring, and testing the router and its customization (saving you the heartache of bricking your routers, something that this process can occasionally invite). Basically, we take care of all the aggravating, complex router-based stuff, and IVPN users just enjoy the benefits, such as:

  • Tested & Upgraded Firmware: A DD-WRT Router for using OpenVPN.
  • IVPN Setup Guide.
  • Free VPN & Internet Setup Tech Support from DD-WRT trained specialists.

Have Questions About IVPN FlashRouters?

E-mail us or open a ticket. Our helpful friendly networking expert will get you on your way to the best privacy experience for your needs.

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  1. Tom Beamish

    I am considering purchasing from you a ASUS RT-AD5300 DD-WRT ROUTER from you to use in a Dual Router Setup. I want to use it to stream from the BBC iPLAYER/NETFLIX/AMAZON/HULU plus 4K streaming etc. and also require secure internet use and secure banking. At the present time I use ‘HOTSPOT SHIELD’ as my VPN and pay for it on a yearly basis. Would you be able to program my router with my Hotspot Shield code or would you recommend another VPN such as IVPN and if so how much would it cost me per month /per year. Can you also tell me how easy it is to change my VIRTUAL LOCATION on this new router. I am an EX PAT.living in spain. Regards Tom


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