British Friends: Bypass the UK’s Online Pornography Blockade with VPNs

The UK's Pornography Blockade

The UK’s Pornography Blockade

As you may or may not have heard by now, Prime Minister David Cameron recently put a plan into place that would effectively block online pornography in the UK. Well, more accurately, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) would block pornography by default, and if you want to watch it, all you have to do is contact your ISP and ask them to unblock it for you. As Business Insider reports, it’s not yet known how people are expected to contact their ISPs to make this request (whether it’s by phone or e-mail or otherwise), which is kind of important, considering that even the most brazen subset of pornography users would not relish making that request.

We’re not going to bend over backwards to avoid looking like “defenders of porn.” Porn exists all over the internet, and so long as no one gets hurt in the process of making it or watching it, then we don’t believe the authorities should get involved in restricting it. Prime Minister Cameron’s actions strike us as a tremendous invasion of privacy coupled with unseemly and prudish hyper-moralizing.

Luckily for you, part of our agenda at FlashRouters includes letting people know how to circumvent unnecessary internet restrictions, especially regional ones. We’ve gone on about the ways in which you can access different forms of Netflix, no matter what country you happen to be in, and the same trick that works in that case works here too. It all comes down to VPNs.

Aside from ensuring the absolute security of your online information, subscribing to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service provider allows you to access regionally restricted material from all over the world. When you log into your VPN, all of your online information is tunneled through restricted servers located in a variety of countries, which changes your IP address. This effectively allows you to trick your computer into thinking it’s in a completely different country than it is currently in. So if you’re in the UK and you’re looking to access a regionally restricted site, all you have to do is log in to your VPN and pick an IP address in a completely different country. Problem solved!

We’ve recently announced a partnership with the tremendous VPN service provider, EarthVPN, and there are more to come. In the meantime, take a look at our recent list of Most Popular VPN Service Provider Set-Up Requests of June 2013, and see if there’s something in there for you. There’s NordVPN, or PrivateInternetAccess, which is the best option for the VPN user on a budget. Then there’s also HideMyAss, which is particularly helpful here considering their tremendous selection of US and UK servers. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find just the right VPN service for you at FlashRouters.

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