If You Could See WiFi Signals, The World Would Look Like This…

Imagine a World With Visible WiFi Signals

Imagine a World With Visible WiFi Signals

Normally we like to constrict these shorter posts to news about privacy and freedom in the online world, or WiFi news, or the occasional announcement of developments in the world of streaming media, so we’ll readily admit that this story only loosely fits the bill of that middle category.

We’ve obviously gone way past enjoying our WiFi and moved heedlessly into the realm of NEEDING it, desperately and always. Restaurants, bars, malls, etc. that have the gall to offer weak signals might as well be dentist’s offices, so unappealing and torturous do they seem. Thankfully, WiFi has remained intangible, as its ubiquity would no doubt render the world a much more crowded place.

But for artist Nikolay Lamm and former NASA employee M. Browning (who has a PH.D in Astrobiology), a world of visible WiFi signals is not something better left to the imagination. According to Gizmodo, the two have teamed up to create a series of pictures that demonstrate exactly what the world would like under those circumstances, and the results are remarkable, creating a sort of hazy, dizzying beauty out of spirals and valleys of color. You can see the way signals weaken as they get further from the source, or the way trees can obstruct a WiFi signal. It almost makes you wish this could actually happen, if only for a little while. Absolutely worth checking out.

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