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Though it seems obvious to point out, there is a reason that people opt to live in the country of their birth, no matter the corresponding troubles that accompany staying put. In fact, as of 2003, 30% of people were living in the town in which they were born!

No doubt comfort has a lot to do with it. Other countries bring other languages, unfamiliar customs, habits, behaviors, etc. And, to bring up another obvious point, nearly everyone you know is likely residing in the country in which you’re born. That’s why those of us who choose to always look at a person who opts to move out of the country of their birth with a mixture of confusion and admiration; a sort of “Huh. I don’t get it, but godspeed” attitude.

But some times, it just can’t be helped. Semesters abroad beckon, and occasionally jobs demand a drastic lifestyle shift. You might find yourself transferred overseas, and quite suddenly, you and maybe even your family have a lot of adjusting to do.

One thing most people moving out of the country probably don’t consider is the way it affects their internet service. Sure, people know they have to change phone plans, but it doesn’t occur to most just how this will affect the way they get their news, their social media service, and their streaming movies. Lord knows we’ve demonstrated just how different Netflix is all over the world.

So now, you’ve picked up stakes and moved to a totally unfamiliar country, with less access to many of your loved ones and zero access all of your favorite Internet haunts like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle or maybe even Twitter/Facebook, and now you have to worry about being disconnected from even your favorite websites and streaming services? Fortunately, FlashRouters is here to make some handy recommendations on the Best VPN Service Providers for US Expats, all of which are certain to ease you and your family through an exciting and challenging transition.

Between a VPN service and a VPN Router, you will feel a little bit more like you are still at home when you sit down to enjoy you’re favorite movies and TV shows. If you’re a US expat, then we’re happy to tell that VPNs are here, VPNs are good, and VPNs will make your lives much, much easier.

First Off, What’s a VPN?

Overplay VPN

Overplay VPN

Before we get into the Best VPN Services for US Expats, let’s tell you exactly what a VPN is:

A VPN service, or Virtual Private Network service, is designed to help keep you, the online denizen, safe from the increasingly growing list of malevolent forces out there on the internet. These subscription-based services keep your sensitive information (e-mails, credit-card information, etc.) safe from would-be hackers and cyber-criminals by tunneling it all through secure servers all over the world! By logging into a VPN, you’re ensuring that your information is untraceable and unaccessible to identity thieves.

Additionally, VPNs can also improve your online experience in ways that have little to do with security. Since you’re information is tunneled through encrypted servers, VPNs allow you to change your IP address to one in any country of your choosing. This means that regionally restricted material is not restricted to you. Access Google from China by picking a US-based IP address, or use that same IP address to watch Netflix US from anywhere in the world!

HideMyAss DD-WRT Router - PPTP VPN Connect - Now Available from

HideMyAss VPN

So if you’re a former US citizen who is making a home for yourself in another country and you wish to stay in touch with a more familiar internet experience, you might be wondering: What’s the right VPN service provider for me?

Glad you asked. FlashRouters has proudly kept close ties with a number of superlative VPN service providers, all of whom provide great US coverage, and all of whom belong on any reputable Best VPN Services for US Expats list. In fact, check out our recent list of our most popular VPN service provider set-ups (and DD-WRT/Tomato WiFi routers) for June of 2013.

Though we hate to choose one over the other, if we’re ranking coverage of the best VPN services for US Expats, we have to go with HideMyAss. There’s simply no way to beat a VPN service provider with nearly 30,000 US-based servers, and their international coverage is nothing to scoff at too.

But, of course, time and again, Overplay tops our list of most popular VPN service provider set-ups, and with their simple, intuitive system and terrific local and international coverage, it’s easy to see why.

For the VPN user on a budget, we’re always happy to recommend PrivateInternetAccess, which provides top-notch coverage at an affordable price. Additionally, FlashRouters was recently tapped as an official provider of pre-flashed, open-source routers for PrivateInternetAccess users, so if you follow that link, you can get your whole network set up in a few quick clicks.

Lastly, if speed is your primary concern, then there’s no beating IPVanish. In addition to hosting over 7000 IP addresses across 44 countries, IPVanish offers the fastest high speed VPN connections out there.

And What Can You Do For Me, FlashRouters?

FlashRouters Offers Great Open-Source Firmware Solutions

FlashRouters Offers Great Open-Source Firmware Solutions

Aside from happily pointing in you the direction of some of our most requested VPN providers, FlashRouters has much to offer for any US expat looking to keep a reliable online connection with their old home base. After all, friends and relatives are going to want to Skype, e-mail, and tweet with you, are they not? Let FlashRouters take the lead in helping you making this transition as easy as pie.

Stronger Wireless Power: So you’ll want to be certain that you’re WiFi connection is as strong and steady as possible, and we’ve got the open-sourced routers that will make that happen. All of our routers are flashed with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, which are replacement firmwares designed to make already fast and powerful routers even more so.

Built-in VPN Connection & the Dual Router Setup: Our routers include built-in VPN connectivity, which saves you the time and trouble of installing the VPN connection on your own, a lengthy and tricky process that, in the hands of a novice, can lead to a bricked router. Save yourself the heartache and allow our experts to handle the trouble on our own. What’s more, the built-in VPN connectivity allows you to connect more than one device to the same VPN connection! And if you want to hang on to your old router, you can hook it up to your new FlashRouter and go with the popular dual-router set-up, which is great for lengthening your signal and easily switching between a local network and your VPN.

The Most Popular VPN Routers for US Expats: Our most popular overall router choice is the Cisco Linksys E4200 DD-WRT FlashRouter, which also happens to be rated as our best DD-WRT router, though the Asus RT-AC66U is giving it a run for its money with its unmatched speeds. If Tomato firmware is more your speed ( preferred for users looking for OpenVPN integration), there’s no beating the Asus RT-N66U Dark Knight router, which is one of the more powerful routers we’ve ever had the privilege to flash.

No matter what VPN router for US expats you choose, we guarantee fast, affordable, worldwide shipping, and a free custom home networking configuration guide, custom setup guide, and networking support including VPN service provider setup.

If there’s anything we can do to help you, don’t hesitate to contact us by opening a support ticket or e-mailing us. Our friendly support staff is there to answer all of your questions.

For more DD-WRT, Tomato, & VPN Service Provider updates, product updates, and limited-time specials, follow us (@flashrouters) or like us on Facebook.

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    Now, you don’t have to worry about being disconnected from your favorite websites and streaming services, there are now VPN service Providers that help you surf anonymously. TV Channels can often times be the worst for region restrictions, but with some quick tinkering on an VPN Service, those content locks will be no more. VPN Services offer servers in the most remote locations in the world, making sure content is unlocked in every region.


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