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We here at FlashRouters love our customers; we care about providing them with the best service possible, and we aim to create lasting relationships with them. So it’s important to us that our customers feel connected to what it is that we do.

And now you can be connected with FlashRouters in the most literal sense. As part of our recent overhaul and site relaunch, we now offer a brand new affiliate program, you can help FlashRouters continue our growth as a company, and share in some of the profits for your trouble. And just in the past few days, we’ve completed our first set of banners which were created to assist you, our new partner, in generating interest, traffic, sales, and commissions to our site.

Why Work with FlashRouters?

Do you have a website, a tech blog, a Tumblr, a tech review site, a VPN service information/review site, or are you an active Facebook or Twitter user? Are your readers concerned with internet freedom, privacy, and performance? You are a few steps away from helping them out (and making a few bucks for your effort).

Essentially, we want you to help spread the word about the dullness and under-performance that comes with lackluster router firmware. FlashRouters offers pre-installed firmware upgrades to DD-WRT and Tomato with customized setup guides, white glove tech support, and a satisfaction guarantee. Our team strives to get people the best Internet service available, with the best routers, support, and customization right out of the box. With the increased scrutiny on Internet traffic these days, who doesn’t want a little more control over their network, advanced security, and better performance for their streaming media players, iPads, and other networked devices?

Are you a VPN service provider looking to add VPN Routers for your customers? Our team can come up with a mutually beneficial solution for VPN routers for their customers, as we have done for many other providers to increase customer retention and satisfaction with your service.

And What Do You Get?

Once you join our tech affiliate program, you will be given a range of banners and textual links that you can place within your site. You can also create a customized link based off of any page on our site that you think will lead to a sale from our product pages to our blog. If someone clicks on one of these banners or links from your site and then purchases something on FlashRouters, you earn a commission.

Make money with the FlashRouters Affiliate Program

A Sample Promo Banner

  • 5% commission on any router purchased!
  • Share Popular Networking Topics & Content for your blog, Facebook, or Twitter account.
  • Frequent Deals & Specials to promote and generate increased sales.
  • Log in anytime to check out real-time statistics on your banner’s performance, site traffic, and sales. The minimum payout requirement is $50.
  • Payouts occur once a month through Paypal and reflect any purchase that was placed up to 30 days prior.

The FlashRouters affiliate program is tailor-made to both grow our brand and help get our customers more fully involved in the FlashRouters experience. We don’t just want to sell our products, we want to help people have more capable networking devices and get better control of their network security and safety. So join our team, share some useful information, and make money as well. There’s no good reason not to join up. Act now!

Have a question about the FlashRouters Affiliate Program? Open a support ticket and we’ll be glad to help you out.

Updated: 2/7/16

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