Netflix Expands Deal With PBS

Netflix Expands Deal With PBS

Netflix Expands Deal With PBS

Everything’s coming up Netflix. Having recently locked up huge programming deals with Dreamworks and Disney, the streaming giant continues its streak of good fortune by expanding their licensing contract with PBS.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix and PBS have extended their multi-year distribution deal to US and Canada, which will enable the streaming video service to add a whole slew of PBS kids shows, documentaries, and miniseries. Children can look forward to streaming hit shows like Arthur and Caillou, while the adults can access recent, popular Ken Burns’ docs like Prohibition, and The Central Park Five.

Representatives for PBS are optimistic that this deal will help raise their visibility and demonstrate the faithful public broadcasting station’s willingness to modernize. ““While PBS stations will always be the first place to see our programming, this agreement with Netflix exposes our shows to new audiences and further expands PBS’s presence across all media platforms,” said Jason Seikan, manager for PBS Digital.

PBS Kids was listed as our of our Top Roku Channels for Children and Netflix is probably the most popular channel on the Roku. Netflix is available on most streaming devices including AppleTV, Boxee Box, and more.

And once again, Netflix gets to demonstrate that their split from Viacom will not affect their children’s programming too drastically.

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