Netflix Families: Keeping Your Kids Entertained All Summer

Netflix Launches Netflix Families

Netflix Launches Netflix Families

It wasn’t that long ago that we here at FlashRouters were noting Netflix’s sudden lack of kids programming (thanks to their inability to renew a deal with Viacom) and singing the praises of Amazon Prime Instant’s family selection.

And while it’s true that Amazon is still the go-to for Viacom shows like Spongebob Squarepants and iCarly, Netflix has shut our mouths several times over, first by announcing a partnership with Dreamworks that will yield 300 hours of original family entertainment, and now by launching Netflix Families.

DTVUSA Forum says that this “new section of Netflix was developed to provide families with an easily accessible library of trusted programming options, and is filled with popular family television shows and movies.” As is typical for Netflix, this section will also feature plenty of recommendations, as well as information about the ways in which other families take advantage of this new program.

Netflix Families was undertaken after the company noticed a severe uptick in viewership during the summer months, as well as a recent survey taken by 500 parents. The section will even be sub-divided in ways that should prove useful to exhausted parents, whether they’re looking to entertain the brood on a long car ride (“Are We There Yet”), stimulate an active mind (“TV for Curious Kids”), or enjoy a night in together (“Family Movie Night”).

So next time we get to disparaging Netflix’s ability to keep subscribers happy, remind us to keep our mouths shut for a few weeks.

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