DD-WRT For Wireless-AC Has Arrived on The Asus RT-AC66U

Wireless-AC Has Arrived

What an exciting day in the landscape of routers! With the arrival of the blazing fast DD-WRT Asus Wireless-AC RT-AC66U, a new generation of DD-WRT is upon us. Asus, apparently not content to provide us with our strongest Tomato router, just went and upped the ante, dominating our other open-source firmware; DD-WRT.

The Latest Wireless-AC DD-WRT Routers - Asus RT-AC66U

Best DD-WRT Wireless-AC Router

And we like to think that is why they emblazoned the logo on the Asus RT-AC66U in gold. This latest addition to the FlashRouters catalog is quickly becoming the gold standard in Asus consumer level WiFi routers and open source firmware for years to come.

For months now, we’ve been going on about the Asus RT-N66U Dark Knight Tomato Router – how unbelievably fast it is, how it towers over its’ competitors, one of the best wireless routers out there etc. – and while everything we said was true at the time (and most of it remains true), it would seem the Dark Knight has some serious competition as a wireless router superhero.

Asus RT-AC66U Specifications

With practically the same beautiful external design the best-selling Asus RT-N66U, the RT-AC66U takes wireless speeds to a whole new level.

The Asus RT-AC66U DD-WRT FlashRouter

Asus RT-AC66U With Stand

The RT-N66U is already a beast, providing dual band Wireless-N speeds of up to 900 Mbps. As we’ll get into a little later, the RT-AC66U’s Wireless-AC practically embarrasses the top-level capabilities of Wireless-N when used to its full potential.

And, of course, there’s plenty more working in the RT-AC66U’s favor, even before we go to the trouble of upgrading its firmware with DD-WRT. The Asus RT-AC66U comes equipped with an unmatched 600 MHz Broadcom processor, three powerful external antennas for maximum WiFi range as well as 2 USB ports for networking printers and backup drives!

Future-proof your network for years with probably the best wireless router out there, the Asus RT-AC66U (or save a few bucks with a refurbished RT-AC66U DD-WRT!

What Makes Wireless-AC Different?

Maximize Your iPad with a True Performance Router

Zach Morris & His Phone

One of the main hindrances is letting these devices perform as you hope could be the passageway of your Internet, the lowly, often-disregarded wireless router. Are you still walking around with a Motrola StarTAC or a Zach Morris phone? No. Why not? Because if you are connecting a Roku, iPad, iPhone, or SmartTV to an old Linksys or Netgear router, you are not giving these amazing devices a chance to succeed.

If you want your network to be prepared for all incarnations of the best wireless speeds to come, Wireless-AC is the way to go. Wireless-N and Wireless-G have served users well, offering excellent wireless signal capacity for their time (with G maxing out at 54 Mbps and N offering between 450 and 900 Mbps). Well, Wireless-AC has come along and just about doubled that, reaching heights of up to 1750 Mbps (or 1.7 Gbps) as you can see in this chart  comparing WiFi top end speeds of these wireless drafts.

Wireless-N and Wireless-G have served users well, offering tremendous signal capacity (with G maxing out at 54 Mbps and N offering between 450 and 900 Mbps). Well, Wireless-AC has come along and just about doubled that, reaching heights of up to 1750 Mbps (or 1.7 Gbps) as you can see in this chart  comparing WiFi top end speeds of these wireless drafts.

This relatively new draft of the WiFi standard, combined with DD-WRT firmware, are guaranteed to make your streaming experiences, file transfers, and general network usage lightning fast.

Added Benefits of DD-WRT Firmware

DD-WRT on AC66U - Status Screen

DD-WRT is a replacement, open-source firmware designed to boost the stability, adaptability, and overall power of any router in which it’s installed. DD-WRT allows it’s user to manage the wireless range as well as control bandwidth allocation.

What’s more, DD-WRT allows for PPTP, Open, & L2TP VPN integration, which makes the process of installing and utilizing a VPN service considerably simpler. Some of the popular uses for a Wireless-AC VPN Router include  that securing your online identity and ensuring your ability to access regionally restricted material from anywhere is just a click away!

PPTP & OpenVPN Server/Client Options on DD-WRT

PPTP & OpenVPN Server/Client Options

Adding DD-WRT firmware to this immensely powerful WiFi router, such as Asus RT-AC66U, makes for some pretty explosive results. Users of the Asus RT-AC66U DD-WRT FlashRouter can expect, among other things, the following:

  • Premium Wireless Signal Clarity: DD-WRT adds the option boosting your wireless signal transmission power in highly congested WiFi areas.
  • Upgraded Stability: Eliminate the need for frequent reboots or schedule them automatically within the router if you wish.
  • Premium Dual Band Coverage: Better quality audio and HD video streaming by design.
  • Elimination of Asus firmware issues, limitations & quirks.
  • Advanced QoS: Manage & prioritize bandwidth/performance of services like Skype or torrents.
  • Integrated Wireless Survey Page: View conflicting wireless networks in your area to tweak your network accordingly.
  • WiFi Hotspot Integration Options: NoCatSplash, HotSpotSystem, WorldSpot.net, WiFiDog.

And that’s just the beginning! For speed, security, power, and durability, this FlashRouter can’t be beat! The Asus RT-AC66U DD-WRT FlashRouter is just waiting to revolutionize your network.

To take full advantage of Wireless-AC on your desktop or laptop, you may want to pick up a Asus Wireless-AC USB-AC53 Adapter to open the full capabilities of this upgrade immediately.

The FlashRouters Guarantee

Every router that we ship out is guaranteed to be flashed with DD-WRT firmware and tested by our technicians to ensure that you receive a superior device, one with an intuitive installation process and one that will change your network for the better .

Of course, every router that we send out includes an easy-to-follow set-up guide, but should you encounter any difficulties, our friendly support staff is here to assist. The Asus RT-AC66U comes with expert technical support.

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