The Easiest Way to Integrate VPN into a Home Network

For a long time, setting up your entire network with VPN-Client service has been a difficult and draining task.

The average time to set up the VPN, integrate it with your assorted devices and router could be a long, painstaking journey for your average user. One filled with hiccups, small but time consuming errors, and holes left in your home network security that you forgot to cover. Until now…

With a FlashRouter, pre-configured DD-WRT, and an integrated VPN-Client, it has never been easier. Buy & set up your router , activate your preferred VPN provider, pick a servers  in your location of choice and your entire network will be surfing without restrictions.

If you are frustrated with your ability to access certain amounts of geographically restricted content, this is the answer you have been looking for! This kind of freedom is available, affordable, and ready to go.

Along with innate advanced security and identity protection, it’s time to pick out your FlashRouter and Encrypt Your Home Network today!

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