Netflix Is Coming to the Netherlands

Netflix Comes to the Netherlands

Netflix Comes to the Netherlands

Good news for all of our readers in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and Utrecht: Netflix is heading your way!

Mashable is reporting that the preeminent streaming media site for popular films and TV series from around the world will continue its expansion by making their services available in the Netherlands. As has been the case with Netflix, the company will offer a library that caters to local interests, but also includes some internationally popular film choices. This move, when it occurs sometime later this year, will bring the total of countries where Netflix is available up to 41. (Of course, you can still use a VPN Service to access Netflix USA or Netflix UK from anywhere in the world right now as well.)

So to all of our Dutch friends, please take a visit to our media device store and pick out an Apple TV or a Roku, the better which to enjoy all that the streaming service has to offer. While you’re there, maybe click over to our router store and have a look at one of our Tomato or DD-WRT routers to ensure that the best router streaming experience for your Netflix subscription.

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