The Dwindling Linksys DD-WRT Router & The Future of DD-WRT

Linksys DD-WRT Routers - E1000, E3000, E4200

Linksys DD-WRT Routers – E1000, E3000, E4200

It’s an emotional time here at FlashRouters.

For years, we’ve been proudly carrying Cisco Linksys routers flashed with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, and with very good reason; Linksys routers, such as the E1000, the E2000, the E3000, and the E4200, have proven to be some of the most dependable, popular devices for open-source firmware modification projects like Tomato or DD-WRT. All of these models are proven and tested with stable, well-developed builds that have been consistently upgraded by the open-source community.

Unfortunately, Cisco recently sold Linksys to Belkin, and that sale marked the end of the days of Linksys’ domination of the open-source market.

What Will Become of Linksys Open-Sourced Routers?

The Cisco Linksys E4200 FlashRouter

The Cisco Linksys E4200 FlashRouter

Under new management, Linksys has made an aggressive shift away from chipsets and models that are compatible with open-source firmware, shifting to “smart” routers with newly integrated apps and cloud features (and full of security holes and average firmware).

Of course, this seemed like a smart idea, one similar to Apple and Google’s development of marketplaces for apps related to their operating systems. Nonetheless, the backlash from the networking community was swift and severe, as online privacy becomes a much bigger issue when your entire networking infrastructure is placed in a cloud. End-users desire full control over their network for security and peace of mind, and Cisco has learned this fundamental fact the hard way.

Over here at FlashRouters, we’ve been madly stocking DD-WRT ready Cisco Linksys routers that will not be produced again like the E1000, E2000, E3000, and E4200 v1. Our stock is much sought-after and it’s going quick. Some of these units are down below their last dozen going into today. If you’d like to get your hands on one of these much-beloved DD-WRT routers before they disappear, we suggest you act sooner rather than later.

What’s Next for Fans of Open-Source Firmware Routers?

Wireless AC DD-WRT Router - Asus RT-AC66U VPN Router

Best DD-WRT Wireless-AC

Meanwhile, and on a more encouraging note, Asus is picking up right where Linksys Cisco/Belkin has left off, shifting their manufacturing policy to work specifically with open-source firmware like DD-WRT & Tomato.

Asus is looking to offer customers the specs and features they desire for their home network, and we’ve added a slew of brand new Asus model routers with next generation wireless capabilities to our line. For those desirous of ultimate cutting edge in DD-WRT, the first Wireless-AC model support has just begun rolling out. New Asus RT-AC66U AC1750 have just begun to ship from our warehouse after extensive testing (AKA router playtime) at the FlashRouter Offices. (And make sure you grab a Wireless-AC USB Wireless Adapter to take full advantage of this burgeoning wireless protocol.)

In the world of TomatoUSB firmware routers, there is the versatile RT-N16 TomatoUSB FlashRouter, as well as the pride of our Tomato firmware line, the towering N900 RT-N66U Dark Knight Tomato router.

Rest assured, the open-source router community will stay strong even as some classic Wireless-N Linksys routers become harder and harder to find, thanks in large part to manufacturers like Asus that are picking up the slack, taking notice of the requests and needs of their customers who want open-source firmware ready routers.

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