NSA’s PRISM Program Will Probably Freak You Out A Bit

NSA Headquarters

NSA Headquarters

According to PCWorld (and really, every news outlet), the National Security Agency has been using a secret program called PRISM to spy on the phone records, file transfers, and search records of American citizens by tapping into the servers of Apple, Google, and many others.

Many of the internet companies allegedly involved in this program have issued denials, claiming no direct involvement in, or knowledge of, this program, though the Electronic Freedom Foundation was quick to point out the carefully worded, litigious language used in these denials.

This news comes hot on the heels of a recent Guardian article that detailed the ways in which the government spied on Verizon customers phone records. All in all, these stories seem to indicate a massive encroachment upon the privacy of the American citizenry. But don’t get mad; get protected (or go ahead and get mad, I mean, it makes sense that you would, but get protected too).

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