Singapore Restricting News Websites

Yahoo News: One of Several Sites to Be Restricted in Singapore

Yahoo News: One of Several Sites to Be Restricted in Singapore

Reuters is reporting that online news websites such as Yahoo News will soon need to apply for a license in order to be available in Singapore.

The bustling city-state, known for it’s economic prosperity and autocratic governance, makes no pretense about their motivation for this restriction. Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) put it bluntly: “Online news sites that report regularly on issues relating to Singapore and have significant reach among readers here will require an individual license.”

The MDA singled out 10 sites that will be affected by this new requirement. Of these 10 sites, all are known for regularly reporting on Singapore, and all have a readership of over 50,000 unique viewers a month. Simply put, Singapore is applying the same restrictions that they’ve already applied to newspapers and televisions new to the internet.

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