Google Testing Blimps to Bring Wireless Internet Around the World

Google Bringing Wireless Internet Via Blimp

Google Bringing Wireless Internet Via Blimp

Well, here’s something pretty cool:

Google Inc, long a proponent of bringing web access to every corner of the globe, is developing new and interesting ways of making that dream a reality. People from Southeast Asia all the way to Sub-Saharan Africa may soon be enjoying wireless internet access thanks to Google’s blimps, which are currently being tested to see if they can send wireless signals over hundreds of miles!

According to The Huffington Post, Google “has already begun several small-scale trials, including in Cape Town, South Africa, where it is using a base station in conjunction with wireless access boxes to broadcast signals over several miles.”

All in all, this strikes us as a pretty ingenious way to circumvent issues (geographical terrain, shaky infrastructure) that have prevented certain nations and continents from joining the online community. As a company that is devoted to keeping people in touch with wireless internet no matter in the world they happen to be, FlashRouters is thoroughly supportive of this plan, and are excited about its implementation.

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