Look at Headline! Arrested Development Returns on Sunday!

The Return of Arrested Development!

The Return of Arrested Development!

Alright, we’ve been covering this topic in short bursts over the last month, but now we’re done s-ing around: season four of Arrested Development is a mere two days away, and we’re sure you’re eager to return to the world of the Bluths and their many chicken dances. So let’s get into what you need to know:

First of all, despite creator Mitch Hurwitz’s initial claims, season four will not be structured as a choose-your-own-adventure-style storytelling free-for-all. As you may have heard, certain episodes are based around scenes that repeat from different character’s perspectives, but that doesn’t mean you can just choose your own order, as Hurwitz discovered in post-production.

In fact, Hurwitz is even cautioning against full-on binge-watching but, if you’re like us, you’ll probably just ignore that last piece of advice.

Ideally, this much-anticipated new season of Arrested Development is intended to build to a movie, though star Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth) reassures that “There is certainly a satisfying conclusion to these episodes if for some unfortunate reason the movie does not happen.”

And since the new season will be airing exclusively on Netflix, the talent behind the show discovered an added benefit of being able to structure episodes in new and interesting ways that will seem foreign to your average sitcom-watcher. What those new and interesting ways are is anyone’s guess at the moment, but we don’t have to wait much longer to find out!

Use VPNs to Watch Arrested Development on Netflix From Anywhere

FlashRouter-Supported VPNs

FlashRouter-Supported VPNs

But, of course, and as we’ve gone over many times, Netflix isn’t available everywhere yet. So what do you do if you’re on vacation or on business in another country and your laptop or mobile device won’t let you access the Bluths? The answer is the same every time. Use a VPN service.

A VPN service, or Virtual Private Network service, is a subscription-based company that is dedicated to making your online experience as safe as possible. By using a VPN, you’re effectively tunneling all of your information through one of many secure servers VPN services have set up all around the world. You need not live in fear of having your online identity compromised nor your credit card information stolen.

You might be wondering how this helps you with Arrested Development. Well, when you log in to your VPN, you’re allowed to choose a server in just about any country you’d like. This process allows you to change your IP address and trick your laptop or device into thinking it’s in a completely different country than the one it’s in. So if you’re in Tokyo on business, and you’re looking to watch Arrested Development, just log in to your VPN, choose an American server, and say “Annyong” to all of your old AD friends.

Popular VPNs for IP addresses include PrivateInternetAccess VPN, Overplay VPN, HideMyAss VPN, Strong VPN, and IPVanish VPN. FlashRouters also offers a new VPN provider comparison list to help you find the VPN that best suits your needs.

The FlashRouters Difference

The FlashRouters Guarantee

The FlashRouters Guarantee

Though we are not VPN providers, we are partnered with a number of the best and most reliable VPN providers, and our routers are designed to ensure the smoothest, most stress-free VPN experience.

All of our routers are flashed with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, replacement firmwares that boost already strong routers and expand their range of capabilities, such as widening the range of your wireless network and allowing you to manage your bandwidth. Additionally, all of our routers come with built-in VPN connectivity, which saves you the time and trouble of attempting of installing the VPN connection on your own, a tricky process that can lead to a bricked router in less-than-experienced hands.

Using a FlashRouter with built-in VPN connectivity allows you to connect multiple devices to the same VPN account! Or you could always go with the popular dual router setup, which means you can use your old router as your local network and switch to your FlashRouter for VPN services. Jumping back and forth between your local network and a VPN is a simple matter of flicking a switch!

Some of our most popular FlashRouters include the dependably beloved Cisco Linksys E4200 DD-WRT Router (the Michael Bluth of our line, if you will). Then there’s the young up-and-comer, certain to be a major player in the FlashRouters universe, the George Michael of FlashRouters: the Cisco Linksys E3200 Tomato Router. And, of course, how can we forget the George Bluth of our cast of characters, the towering router that looms large over all the others, the Asus RT-N66U Dark Knight Tomato Router.

Find out more about some of best-selling routers and the most popular VPN providers here. And while you’re checking out some of our fine merchandise, you can always swing by our media device section and find a Roku or Apple TV to complete your home network and round out your Arrested Development: Season 4 experience.

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