Interview With FlashRouters Co-Founder, Joe Soria

FlashRouters Goes All the Way for PIA

An Interview With FlashRouters President and Co-Founder, Joe Soria

Hey folks, here’s something kind of fun for us:, a wonderful website devoted to keeping people informed about the best VPN services available, recently published an interview with FlashRouters President and Co-Founder, Joe Soria.

For those of you who are not terribly familiar with FlashRouters, this interview serves as an excellent primer on what it is we do here. Mr. Soria goes into full detail about the mission statement of FlashRouters, the benefits of buying routers pre-installed with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, and the long-term goals of this company as a provider of routers compatible with VPN services. Here’s his abbreviated take on the purpose of FlashRouters:

FlashRouters’ long-term goal is to help usher in a new age of access and integration with the latest internet connected devices. Most people ignore a router until it stops working (at which point they unplug it and plug it back in), but it is quickly becoming one of the most important devices in any home network. Every single home in the world with an internet connection has some sort of functional router device, however few understand how it works or are aware of the features and capabilities. With a few tweaks and open source customization one can greatly increase a router’s performance.

Head on over to BestReviews to learn more about FlashRouters!

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