Roku Weekend Specials From FlashRouters

Best Price on Rokus on the Internet when you buy a router.

FlashRouters likes to keep everything nice and simple. So here’s something simple for those that have been waiting in the wings for the full Wireless-N router and streaming device network upgrade, the Roku Weekend Specials.

We considered the Pre-Memorial Day Blowout, the Roku Savings Bonanza, the Complete Network Upgrade Extravaganza but we settled on the Roku Weekend Specials. Not the greatest name ever but you’re about to find the best deals on the net on Rokus paired together with some of the best wireless routers on the market today.

Pick any FlashRouter priced $100 or more, add any Roku model, and $30 will disappear from the price tag in the shopping cart instantly. No coupon necessary. Go ahead and try it.

You don't need cable when you have these channel options.

Get all the amazing TV/movies, music, and sports Roku channels right on your TV in seconds for these amazing prices!

New Roku 2 XS – Reg $99.95, Now $69.95
New Roku 2 XD – Reg $79.95, Now $49.95
New Roku 2 HD – Reg $59.95, Now $29.95

Want to learn about the benefits of a Roku? Well, you just missed the link.

Using the Roku Weekend Special, FlashRouters offers a one-stop-shop for a completely upgraded and integrated FlashRouter network will take your network stability and performance to a new level. And at FlashRouter, you can get the whole package in one place. We even configure VPN for you if that is your wish.

Have a Roku already? Save it for a gift, give it to a friend or grandparent. The Roku’s ease of use is optimal for people of all ages.

Due to popular demand, The Roku Router combo savings have been extended through Friday!

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