Netflix Adds New Feature for iOS-Using, Binge-Watchers (Arrested Development Fans: Take Note)

Enjoy Continuous Streaming of Arrested Development on Netflix Instant

Enjoy Continuous Streaming of Arrested Development on Netflix Instant

We know we just brought up the imminent return of Arrested Development in a post last week (one which promised an upcoming longer post, and that’s still coming), but we thought we’d let Netflix users know about a new development from their favorite streaming service that will make AD viewing that much more compulsive.

It’s been under a year since Netflix Instant added the “post-play” feature for web-viewing, PS3, and Xbox 360, which enables viewers to allow their favorite shows to continue from episode to episode without having to click on anything. Well, according to Mashable, iOS users are being given that same option.

Mashable suspects that the roll-out of this feature coincides all too perfectly with the May 26th release of season 4 of Arrested Development, and we tend to agree, but we’re not going to complain about anything that makes our Arrested Development viewing party even slightly more fluid. Get your Rokus and wireless networks in order, folks, or you’ll be making a big mistake (yes, that was an AD paraphrase).

While you’re here, why not check out the new trailer for Season 4?

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